Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A wee garden project

The very first assignment I had was for the gang
to go to far end of the property
where the richest blackest soil we have lives...
and get me some..
This is it, and boy did they all have fun getting it...
next I need them to load up some of my brick
that brick we found hiding in the grass.. 
then Princess got to work
We had a little problem area
where the water rushes through
and we loose soil..
we also have chives here
and there
and well.
it would be nice if they were all in about the same place 
see.. aren't they pretty?
we will transplant all those not in this zone,
and bring them together.. 
but only after Princess lays the brick around to be just
a wee bit of a border..
she did it on her own
and then she added that dirt 
it sure looks good to me..
soon we should have chives galore!
and the soil should mostly stay put.. 
I confess
I actually LOVE the look of the brick there..
I wonder if we ought not continue with it beyond this section..
either way
BRILLIANT work Princess!

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