Friday, June 1, 2012

LL Guest Room Demolition!

I came inside to the sounds of
it's manly grunting, and snorting sounds
and LOTS of machine sounds
AND pounding...
so what are they demo-ing? 
a poorly thought out closet..
we want some more LIGHT and space.. 
so we thought it best to start off with
a clean slate 
sort of unnerves me.. 
but already it's feeling more
spacious in here 
Machine Man and C.S. are having a blast 
a very MESSY blast 
smashing things
ripping things out
sawing things..
it's a real GUY fest in there! 
did I notice? 
oh my 
i sure hope they clean up..
before asking me to come and help 
patch up..
FUN new room to do!
the LL Guest Room is NEXT on our radar..
it will be house a lot planned for this room..
we have a serious time line on LL Guest Room as well as the Living Room
there is a LOT to do
before our flooring guy comes!  
so exciting!

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