Moriarty-Brain Tumor

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Life is SUCH an awesome adventure…
deserts, valleys, forests, all kinds of terrain…

the mountain climbing part of life.. 

we've been doing for some time.. 

with its frighteningly deep valleys, crazy crags and cliffs.. 

have been so daunting..exhilarating at times..but daunting, and very faith building…
We were JUST feeling the light of dawn breaking…
only to near the top of this particular climb and get our view…
friends.. WHAT a view..
This next step is TOTAL reliance on God…
more mountains.. more valleys… the path we took getting HERE
it only began to prepare us for what lies ahead… 
There IS NO WAY but HIS Amazing Grace… 

prayers welcome
four weeks ago I wrote to you about a mountain top I was settled on.. 
The view here is amazing.. 
I have been describing to you, what faith from this spot where I sit looks like.. to me. 
from my vantage point. what I have not been telling you is the translation of the little allegory… 
4 weeks ago I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor… 
it is non-malignant (not cancer) ..
 it IS naughty.. it IS in a very icky bad spot, and it has been growing.. 
so in 2 weeks, LORD willing, I will undergo this UBER cool but very scary thing called a gamma knife.. they tell me I will NOT become the Incredible Hulk, 
which is Buddy's one concern.. and mine.. a
s Green is NOT my color.. there.. I have said you know.. 
and time keeps ticking..
and blood work came back
and the thyroid isn't working right..
all is not sunny and bright

but there is hope.. 
ALWAYS there is hope…
Supplements to replace what my body isn't getting 
for what ever reason…
medicines to try
that will hopefully balance that precious
butterfly organ 

and gamma knife
full of cobalt radiation
to zap
this tumor growing
clawing about in my brain
stealing the light

I will try this page to journal …
for me..
and for any of you reading
that might be interested in my..
health journey 
and adventure in
and recovery

is the plan

to follow that adventure
to pray along with us through that adventure

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