Friday, June 1, 2012


I just have to pinch myself with all the pretty things I find around here
as we clear away the debris of years of forgotten...
and discover 
royal ferns
and beautiful hostas
more roses
the last of the blue bells being drunk up by a friendly bee 
a blooming bursting green garden
rather than the tumble weed mess

all chores done..
lessons done 
time to enjoy BUBBLES! 
blowing ! 
so hard to get the wand in there JUST so
LOVE how Little Man works so carefully...
so diligently 
is SO the expert..
don'tcha know? 
so wonderful
brothers blowing bubbles..
on a fine spring day!
and me..
lost in my thoughts
in my garden... 
anyone know if these are currants...?
i hope so.. 
wonder what THIS will be! 
soon to be berries! 
berries here are plentiful..
we hope to learn to make jam,
and fruit pie filling!
but sometimes 
one needs to take a step back
and not just look at the details
but look at a bigger picture
and the view...
I am so thankful for perspective..
aren't you ?
we all need it now and again

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