Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a boo boo for Forrest

C.S. came into the house
looking glum...
He had been asked to mow the neighbors yard
as they were having a very busy week
and he pretty much volunteers to mow everyone's lawn ...
so really 
they rather "took him up" on his standing offer..
Well .. he'd been in his Bliss, mowing away,
thinking thoughts
when Forrest started acting up...
he wrapped up their yard
and headed home to investigate..
What did his investigations unfold?
three things..
thing One.. 
Thing Two 
and thing Three..
what did I do..
Grabbed my camera
took these shots,
took the boy and the camera to the Lawn store
showed the nice owner
who was so excited I thought to do that!
(smiling.. wait till Machine Man learns how savvy I was with out him!)
he found all the parts for C.S.
and I paid only $13 and change for the parts!
C.S. was SO excited!
He went home and repaired it!
so pleased
Forrest's boo boo is ALL better
(Little Man's words - not mine!)

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