Thursday, November 15, 2012

Torn up...

horizon.. how I adore a horizon…
but looking on the foreground..

it's a bit..
torn up

a bit.. disheveled .
we've got some cleaning up to do..

don't you think?

Mr.T has come with what is called
a back hoe
I think of it as a digger..
but I speak two year old..
oh wait..
now Little Man knows what it is now too..
oh well
it's like a really COOL tool

and it will help CLEAN up this messy farm!

now take a moment to look at my lovely garden
because it's next in line to be TORN apart…
there are these really awful jagged rocks
and there are NO paths..
so trying to get to something
or prune
or do ANY sort of gardening
means gashes in my shins
falling on my face
clothing torn
and oodles of bruises

so take a look..
things will be changing!
on the left of this shot
you will notice plants and weeds along the house..
they are all going!
I want it free of plant life..
Rather mice and what not have too much potential there.. 
I can't SEE when they've done something, because it's all
a jungle!
I do plan on adding pea gravel or something..
and then
some plant containers!  
I get to be seasonal then.. and it will be 
and easier to manage!

the swimming pool for ducks is temporary..
we plan on putting in a wee pond in the garden..
getting a new door for the garage..
it will..
be a LOT of work
but it should
look amazing when we finish..
till then…
things look

torn up..

assessing the landscape…
talking it out

some trees are getting pulled down
and we are chipping branches..
the mulch is great for gardening
and for my birdies pen

lots done but
can ya tell yet?
it'll look super!
can you IMAGINE it?

and just look at all the nice firewood I have..
time thankfully will age it nicely..
and I don't have to do anything
but have it stacked

perhaps it's good that I am not feeling well..
because I would probably be tearing apart
inside the farmhouse
and having the inside and the outside of the house
torn up
would not be a healthy
this way..
there IS peace somewhere!
the adventure!

nature.. ride

so I..
mama C
Tante Nika
isn't feeling so well
and I was feeling pretty blue about it..
had an idea
she got the General out
and took me for a nature RIDE!

I got to see the rose hips..
which will be harvested for tea..
(actually later that day we did JUST THAT)

see this girl.. 
she's thoughtful
and wanted to show me
whats "happening" here at the farm
lovely Princess..
even Lovely in Camo 

beautiful golden rod.. all ready for winter…
the colors of brown mixed with this oatmeal color
make me want to knit a sweater!


rich autumn shades

and one happy Mama

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Learning about.. BATS

Our local Library was hosting an event
on BATS..
flying rats?
now… things one should like about Bats..
they.. enjoy dining on Mosquito's
anything that eats things I hate..
I have to .. sort of like..
so we went..
to the Library..
Little Man found THESE.. and wouldn't leave
so I listened..
and big kids watched

I love that our Library hosts things like this
and i ADORE that our library has lots of hands on learning toys

Here is the lovely lady..
and her bat

here is the flying brown rat..oops.. bat
it's native to our area

here is a very BIG creepy bat
like the kind that must live near my friends
who live in Africa..
reason #1 for my NOT living in Africa

it's the TOP reason I have..
for not living there
MY local bat is tiny,
and brown..
it ALMOST looks like a beanie baby
looks like it will SUCK MY BLOOD
but really it will only suck the juice of a fruit..
but still…
so glad it's dark when they fly by..
what about you?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Named for...

have you figured out who 
Marie Antoinette
are named for?
French Queens
hows THAT for a feather in your cap?

Neighbors come a calling.. LOUDLY

Morning time is such a glorious time on the farm..
The lighting here in the valley is very peaceful
and joyful
and bright and .. BEAUTIFUL…
It's also time blessings wake up
happy and READY for a NEW day!
Eager to HELP, and be noticed for BEING Helpful
Here is my morning breakfast pal..
eagerly up
and ready to feed the ducks
and Guinea Hens..
We have some nice cooked potato
and apples for them
and to it we will add some feed…
not much..
as they forage all day long!

Little Man LOVES dumping the bucket
into their food bowl..
it's a REALLY cool material
that won't ever freeze or get brittle…
and it's EASY to clean
(LOVE my True Value!)

We wait and see how Daisy Poppy and Lilly
deal with the Guineas this 
the FIRST morning with them..
and all appears well..
occasionally the Guineas will SIT in the bowl
and hog the food
but then the ducks will just MOVE THEM
with their big beaks
the Guineas 
(typical bullies)
are in fact QUITE cowardly
and they will run run run away… 
it's hysterical…
so after Little Man and I enjoy this we hurry in the house
to TELL Big Kids what happened!
Whilst telling the story
we hear LOUD noises…
I mean LOUD!

looking out the window..
WHAT do we see?
Neighbors come a calling…

Our Amish Neighbor's have Guinea fowl too!
and they 
the Guineas.. not the Amish..
have arrived BRIGHT and EARLY 
to meet their new neighbors

There is a LOT of Guinea talk
several QUACKS

a LOT of investigations into this thing
that separates them all..

It reminds me of the book
Watership Down…
The free Rabbits trying to TELL the caged rabbits

you will all be free soon enough..
right now my darlings need to KNOW that 
BLESSINGS FARM is their home
give it a few weeks.. 
then they can come out and play with you ..
silly birds!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Welcome to the FAMILY Farm…

our sweet 
Guinea Hens!
Marie Antoinette
more fun photos to come..
they're getting settled for now...

a view… such a view

Living in the Driftless region of our Great United States..
you get a view
hills and valleys

nooks and knolls

hill and dale
windy ways

and serene sights

just thought I would share a few of my favorite ones
with you

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Plucky Peking Photo shoot

the lighting was SO lovely

and the sweeties get pretty excited when I have my camera
they all start posing

and they let me play with my camera and try capturing light in
different ways

aren't they cute?

this is a bit darker but it does SHOW the contrast more than that last shot

a bit more balance
what are they looking at?

do you LOVE this shot or what?

oh they are so darling!
huggable too!

I think they are just so much fun!

oh.. distracted by a bug


they found a happy spot
eating bugs
it cracks me up
how they LOVE each other SO much!
they adore just BEING together!

plucky pekings

love nudging

a whole lotta quaking going on

what about me?

don't forget about me!

I can be plucky for a photo too!