Wednesday, June 6, 2012

umm honey.. let me show you

so he's not actually even unpacked at this point
and the Blessings are over by the General
admiring it
debating about whether or not to put a star on the front of it..
and I can't WAIT another minute
I show Machine Man the gardens
especially the section he wanted to rip out,
because it was so tangled and super scary
and looked just like
a junk heap 
I showed him that the scary bush he got scratched by
was really a rose bush 
after looking
and smelling
they have made friends..
and then... 
I showed him the "other" tank that arrived!
It came when Mrs. J and the kids were here
and we were knee deep in something or other
and because there wasn't much I could do about it
I promptly put it in the 
excited about
category of my brain
and never got a photo of it till now! 
he was just as thrilled as I, 
and went to get all this
(no he hadn't even unpacked the van of his belongings yet...
it was THAT sort of excitement!) 
all set and ready to go! 
oh my! 
it's really coming together! 
so far so good!
What do you think?
gotta get the fridge in..
gotta do 
about the very scary pantry
then my shelves
and caulking
and art!
oh so excited!
are you?

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