Tuesday, February 19, 2013

pretty piece of cake

it's icky out
what's a girl to do..
a girl who just finished a 
cake decorating class ?



take lovely photos

so I can remember
that amazing look
and delicious
so I sent it off to church with the family
I stayed home with Little Man and his sniffles 

The family  & our church LOVE
that it's gluten free
casein free
peanut free
soy free…
it is not sugar free
or fat free
but it's so so lovely
what are you doing during the dreary month?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

cakes.. baking extravagance

remember a few weeks ago
when I mentioned the boys birthday..
I posted the cake I had made..
THAT was the one 
for us…
THESE are the cakes we made …
for the PARTIES!

Little Man wanted a Rainbow..
he learned all about the rainbow in his Sunday School class
he says they are happy
So Princess decorated that for him!
Isn't she talented??? 

THIS one is the Sailboat on the Ocean
that Buddy wanted..
I had the honor of making this one 
what do you think?
fun right?

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


this is the drive
that my van got stuck on
only thanks to Mr. T & Mr M 
and the grace of God 
did get me up
and around the bend

past the garage to park..here

next to the mural

then.. there was..
more shoveling to do
to get thing INTO 
the house..
and the east coast got 3 feet?
praying for those left in the aftermath of

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's a beautiful morning…. la la law

morning peace, 
thank you God…
for peace in my heart...

light streaming over the hills...

dancing upon the drifts of white clean snow…
Thank you for
the colors the light makes...

oh light
beautiful light
Jesus said
"I am the light of the world"

so pretty,
it could be..
a painting

so so lovely
so peaceful
so quiet
sharing a feeling of 

just waiting to see what the day will unfold
as the sun rises higher in the sky

love to see the foot prints of children
my blessings from the Lord

thankful for
the driveway, that they slide upon
and leads up up to

the home we adore so...

Tree beard
basking in the morning light

the barn
standing before the light...

the wonderful
heaps of snow
piled high

the snow upon the hills
ready to be played upon...

what a blissful morning
wonder what the day..
might unfold

Monday, February 11, 2013

the ducks first winter

So with all this crazy weather
all this amazing snow fall..
You are probably wondering how
Daisy, Poppy & Lily 
are fairing...

Well.. I won't lie …
They are as happy as can be.. 
we have to shovel snow out of their zone
now and again
but they are quite quacky 
i mean 
quite happy
camera friendly 
EVEN at chow time!

isn't Daisy a HOOT?
check out her head tilt!
EVER the comic
and Poppy ever the quacker
puffing out his chest
and Lilly..
patient and calm 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

feeling like.. dressing up

Little Man was having
a day..
a SPECIAL sort of day..
and now that he is a a 
3 years old
He's entered
a SPECIAL sort of play
Howdy Mama

I am a cowboy

a few minutes later…
at the very same tack shop...

Yah hey der friends
now he's almost Amish
which gave Mr. T
and Mrs M (our Amish friend)
a real laugh!

he about melted Mrs. M's heart
and she told him he'd make a 
FINE Amish boy!
he giggled and blushed…
Later that night
He came in to snuggle
and say night night

but Little Man did not give me kisses..
Ta dah!

Please note he added to his new jambes
with his new big boy 
because it looks MORE like 
with… than without

so so so darlin'

check out the cape!

Friday, February 8, 2013

driving by shooting...

Mr. T took us on a bit of a drive…
we were adventuring
hunting for horse stuff
when I looked out the window and saw THIS

he was kind enough to STOP..
so I could snap this shot

and this one.
I LOVE the starkness of the Red RED barn
the whites of the snow
the land so vast
the forest so deep
the sky so enveloping
I couldn't help but shoot this!

he stopped for this one too..
I think it's a good shot!
he's great at stopping 
for me & my camera!
hope you enjoy the view
as much as I do 
it's the ONLY sort of drive by shooting
I like..
what about you?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

how's it coming?

i know..
you are just doubling up in anxiety to 
HOW the PORCH is coming..
it's coming!
The roofing is on
it's getting it's shape!
looks pretty with all this snow
don't you think?

here's how it looks up close
see the pretty columns? 
We'll be painting those white

LOVE the great big span
don't you?

Just LOOK at those electrical boxes!
wooo hoo!
up there will be two fans
and a bunch of recessed lights

can't you just…
envision it ?
I am SO excited!

Blessings Farm's 
sweet little farmhouse
is starting
to look more balanced
more how she SHOULD look
very very comfy
stress free…
or swing
or …
dare I say
canasta anyone?

oh the weather outside

is frightful
since we're no place to go…
Let it snow 
let it snow 
let it snow!

Let the little children ...

come unto me…
Jesus said that..
In the Bible we learn about a God
who IS there
a God
who IS real
who loves
and cares for
so much He sent His son Jesus
Jesus has a LOT to teach me
but one of the things I have learned
is that I should train up my blessings
to follow after HIM
can I MAKE them Christians..
Can I instruct them in the paths of righteousness?
Teach them grace
self control
Yes.. I can..
But it will require more from me than just 
mere words..
I will need to act it
be it
do it
show it
with HOW I go about my everyday…
Last week
we had a glorious opportunity to work together!
a chance to learn, 
and be a blessing!
by preparing Manna Packs
for Feed my Starving Children!
they are amazing!

Each Manna pack has Rice, Soy, Veggies & Protein Mix

The protein mix has a "chicken flavor" but isn't chicken
because so many people on this planet just 
DO NOT eat Meat…
yes yes I know..
you love bacon..
so do I ..
but SOME folks won't eat it..
moving on...

scoopers (Buddy had the honor of scooping)
scoop the correct portion into each manna pack
and then it went to weigher's (Princess did this & scooped too)
if it was with in the right range
it was sealed
(only 18 yr and older got to do this)
Really they had quite the assembly line!
We went to Feed my Starving children with our 
Home School Group…
no one was too young it would seem
i confess..
I did NOT bring Little Man
~phew .. clear conscience

each pack is labeled with info & expiration date
 (my job.. though Buddy DID come over to help me a bit)
serving others
feeding others 
can make a HUGE difference in their lives
AND in yours…
Buddy and Princess were shocked to learn that
18,000 children die each day of starvation…
it's made someone think twice before throwing away good food
JUST because he doesn't like it..
This was a great experience
because it showed us
that every little bit DOES matter
every effort done unto the Lord
is a beautiful thing..

check to see if there is a site near you..
You can organize a group of your own
they EVEN do birthday parties!
and food is distributed to over 70 countries!
What an honor it is
to be blessed with children
and given the opportunity
to walk with them
teach them
encourage them
and show them the world..
igniting passions
to make a difference
to love 
to be generous
full of mercy
and love

thank you Jesus
for showing us How!
"we love Him because He first loved us…"