Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Surprise Visitors!

So.. I was taking a wee break from ALL that Painting,
and just chatting up the storm at my neighbors house..
For we both had a few minutes 
(how nondescript of me.. probably rather MORE than that)
to just rest our weary bones
and kick back with our waters and chill out
(yes that would be my Amish Neighbor, Mrs. M)
when WHAT to my wondering EYES did appear
a Minivan
and four sweet dears
pulling into Blessings Farm DRIVE!
oh MY
Hurray!  It was Mrs.J and her fun Clan!
They totally surprised us.. 
and JUST in time for FOOD!
When one does the math
it's like this
2 Moms + 8 kids = 10 people
it's a lotta food
and C.S. got to grilling right quick
why he chose the out door grill?
its SO nice OUT side!
fun that he had a helper to! 
the Mrs J and her beautiful brood
all jumped right in to working here at the farm
this family LOVES to work hard
and LOVES to play hard
this is JUST the place to do both those things! 
C.S. had done some serious up hill mowing with a neighbors
small brush hog
and we put our pals to work by raking up the grass and what not
and putting it in a pile
to decompose...
THAT brought up WONDERFUL 
teaching time !
As composting is SO important to life here on the farm! 
it was a great deal of hard work, 
but all our kids sure know how to make every job SO fun!
Mrs. J is always such a blessing
from the way she labors alongside
to the way she speaks so full of grace
and truth
and LOVE...
My Children adore when she comes
for she takes such interest IN them
and really talks WITH them..
It gives her a place of extreme importance to my children. 
Isn't the front yard looking spiffy! 
here is a beautiful 
albeit dead moth the kids found with Mrs. J 
that absolutely HAD to be ON THE BLOG!
here Mrs. J recognized the 
all together WICKED Eastern Tent Caterpillar
and began attacking every tent she could! 
She's a fair maniac with those cutters! 
Bucket filled with soapy water right close 
It is clear Mr. J is a hunter...
all I can say.. is
Supper.. WHAT to do about supper
when you have surprise guests?
sorry I didn't get photo's of the meal..
here's basically what we did..
Mrs. J showed up with Chicken (chicken thighs) in her cooler
I happen to be planning to make chicken myself.. (a whole fryer chicken)
but having been so excited at guests arriving..
forgot to actually make my chicken meal...
I forget things sometimes...
What did we come up with?
after a good minute or two of prayer...
Something wonderful
something SO yummy
came to my brain!
(Thank you Jesus!)
 I put ALL the chicken in the pot
yes ALL
and YES it's a BIG pot!
I then..
boiled it...
When it was done, we pulled the meat off the bones
and shredded it whilst it was hot
(we just used forks)
added BBQ sauce and made
BBQ Chicken sandwiches!
chips included
along with a variety of veggies..
VERY happy kids
VERY little left over
and a wonderful evening of silliness
and delightful conversation! 
So thankful for the surprise
the help it brought
and the fellowship..

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