Monday, June 4, 2012

Living Room meet Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

so the Flooring Guy is coming..
and I simply MUST get the trim done
we have decided to go with the Paris Grey 
from Annie Sloan.. 
we will most likely do this color through out the house..
it is so soothing to us
and it seems to really SHOW the wood work off..
it isn't super light
but compared with how dark it was..
it's VERY brightening
and really PULLS light into dark rooms from outside... 
I am SO going to have to buy some more for the rest of the house
I do think we have enough to finish the Living Room
and the LL Guest Room 
What a contrast..
and look at that floor!  
so excited!
are you still wondering what Color we decided to go with? 
See how cheery that is? 
it's looking nice
i may leave the actual WINDOW portion it's same color
because I feel..
I will leave it knowing I can always come back and add.. 
looking GREAT 
i wish that the lighting was better for the bay.. but..
it really lightens everything in here 
so lovely..
it's really coming along..
This room is READY for the flooring guy to come.. 
see he's already delivered the wood...
it's in the other room
in all those boxes!
so exciting!

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