Friday, May 11, 2012

Yard Clean Up

Yard clean up is VERY different in Suburbia
when comparing to a farm
first of all
we have found our fast that Wally the Wheel barrel is best
at smaller jobs
for BIG jobs
we get Peggy
sure she leaks something every now and then
and YES
she has no radio
and ok ok
she won't go into 4 Wheel drive
defeating the purpose in purchasing her..
but those things MIGHT be fixed..
and till then.. 
we still work her 
because EVERYONE works here on the farm..
in some way or another
here's some of the Blessings ALL working together with Peggy the Pick up!
Lately we've been able to really show how C.S. shines in his many roles around the farm
we've even been able to show how much Princess blesses us
with all her learning
and her NEVER give up attitude! 
she is so in love with the farm
and with this wonderful community..
it's hard to EVER get her away from it!
Buddy has been a bit discouraged lately
as HE is too young to drive Peggy at a whopping 7 years old
and it feels SO unfair that on TOP of that injustice
we won't let him Ride Forrest the lawn tractor..
go figure!
But Buddy will NOT be left out of Yard Clean Up
after all, this is HIS farm too! 
so Buddy walked over to our Amish neighbors house..
and asked if perhaps
we he might borrow one of their lawn mowers
seeings as they have a bunch... 
they had NO problem in aiding Buddy in his plight
they actually enthusiastically wanted to help him
lending him not one BUT TWO
JUST in case one worked better than another

here is Little Man 
pretending his tricycle is a mower 
and Buddy is right there next to him
working super hard!
it is really challenging work! 
here Mama
one more stick to go into Peggy!

Scheduling Blessings Farm CLEAN UP weekend

i know i have a way of only taking photos of what looks
so glamorous..
right (giggling) ?
but we have inherited with the land
(once occupied by some folks with hording tendencies)
a bit of..
its all pretty much located in the same general area
but it's a bit of ...
and a bit of
so we plan on renting a dump thing...
(so much you will learn here .. i refer to as "thing")
and hope to have a sort of cleaning party!
what does that mean?
it means we hope to have some campsites prepped
(no electricity)
and have some cots and what not in the farm house
and YES we will wait till we HAVE a kitchen
so we can FEED people
we can only have a limited group for the clean up time..
muck boots
bug spray
an any such accessories
we don't really have for you..
but i am certain you could swing by a farm an fleet to get it..
is it roughing it?
is it hard work?
will the food be pretty good..
will there be beverages?
can you bring food and drinks to add..
the more the merrier..
so if you are in fact interested
please comment below
and leave an email address where you can be reached
to know if YOU have been chosen..
leave dates which are clear on your calendar..
we are thinking some time in June..
GREAT camping season!
and just think YOU could be one of the founding campers 
of the FUTURE
Blessings Farm Private Campgrounds..
sounds exciting?
comment and leave your info!
and we will let you in on MORE details
as they develop's uck
let's make it beautiful
families welcome
no daycare provided...

hairy scary

with 36 acres of dreamland
you must understand something about dreams...
some of them.. are nightmares...
hairy scary..
like the well situation
some are more managable
and need some clean up
Little Man intends on supervising
and giving me instructions 
i am to STAY BACK
for C.S. is doing danger work
could get owies and boo boo's
(see how serious he is?) 
see the hairy scary?
just a zone for ticks
and thistles
and burrs..
C.S. is using his handy dandy pole saw
not mine
not Machine Man's 
but rather
it's sort of trick work..
because there may be some barbed wire around here
and he CARES if he wrecks
HIS handy dandy pole saw 
this was sitting next to me
I thought you might like the sunshine splendor as much as I did
wondering about making dandelion wine...
but that would be SO off topic 
Princess has taken the boys to the septic hill
it's just the COOLEST mound ever!
they play rolly olly
mostly for Little Man
but I think that the ALL enjoy it actually 
here is Forrest 
just waiting to mow over the mess
once C.S. is done trimming the more difficult stuff
**dreaming of a brush hog**
(ad THAT to the things THIS girl never thought she'd dream for...) 
Little Man is now annoyed and wants to COME back to 
project management..
so Princess is snuggling with him
and singing to him to calm his VERY angry self..
it's not working
this is a two year old tantrum..
nuttin much will help
but fools we are..
we just keep trying..
LOVE this age 
ok, all fake trees and bushes gone
now for mowing.. 
no Buddy..
you don't get to ride Forrest yet..
but thanks for the pose..
it's a keeper!
and so are YOU!
just another fun, action packed morning at the farm!

sunrise view

cup of coffee anyone..
it goes well with my sunrise view

demolition guest room

This is the closet in the guest room
take a good long look
at how it hides the super cool chimney
and has hardly ANY storage 
take a good LONG look at that creeeepy space
on the far left of the closet
and just think
of what could live there
and then crawl into my clothing..
and just KNOW
it's coming DOWN!
we hope to whack it into oblivian
perhaps this weekend..

men working...

that well inspection we had
the one where our well passed with flying colors
that well inspection
has not expired
our wee well
is in need of repair
and so I sneak peeks out the window and the workmen
doing SOMETHING to my well
to inspect it
yes and those are my strawberry plants they are standing on
my lillies 
they are VERY nice
and working VERY hard
and we are just a wee bit nervous about HOW to fix
the little leak
underneath ALL that earth
and ROCK 
here they are pulling things UP 
it's so heavy it needs THREE of them
and my heart feels heavy
as I look down 
at what's waiting for it

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kitchen Tiles COMPLETE!

remember THIS?
the elephant in the wall..
and the fake phone jack?

well turns out that vent is a fire hazzard
it's a dryer vent...
can we just say
that He laid it on our hearts to gut the kitchen FIRST
before any other big project
(like the bathroom... yah.. don't EVEN go there)
so we are getting fancy with venting.. 
you'll see that soon enough

till then
we've patched up the wall
and need to finish tiling..
then we will grout
This is what we used for both walls 
to score and crack them into the right size
THIS was hard work, and not always accurate..
since that time
borrowed/gave us a handy dandy 
super SNAZZY
Wet saw 
here is C.S. reading the directions on HOW to put it together 
all ready scoring and marking it up
I am SO excited! 
C.S. is learning new skills every day
skills that will make him a valuable asset 
a blessing to his future family
and build his confidence
I LOVE having Blessings Farm
it's a great place to just LEARN and GROW 
ok.. NOW you'll notice that the pallet wall is done
and I am super happy..
it was done whilst the patchwork was drying and all that jazz
we are multi-tasking 
two trouble areas.. 
can you see them..
this is going to BE tricky 
not as fancy as a professional
but tough spot #1 looks pretty good
thanks to the new wet blade 
getting nearer to tough spot #2 
just wait..
you will love how it looks all done!
nearing the finish line 

enough to do another wall!
but here we are on that LAST tile
drum roll please 
nearing that moment 
and can we say
job done? 
oh yes we can!
job done well!
Way to Go C.S.
you brought the job home!
so pleased :)

and RYOBI  Wet Saw
you made it so much simpler
thanks Uncle!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


owning land can lead to some icky things
some sticky things
some smelling thing
but basically 
a whole LOT of surprises
the other day i was walking in the woods
when i saw this 
in one of my evergreen trees
it looks like some crazy scary 
but it isn't
and it
i have been hunting on the internet 
trying to figure out what it is..
no luck yet..
do YOU know?

Front door

ready to paint the front door
and super excited!
not just about the painting project..
but did you SEE what Princess is standing on? 
a real painters tarp..
JUST for me
and my fun projects
not left over plastic
not old tenting tarps
with holes and tears
a REAL Painters Tarp
because I do so much painting
Machine Man thought it was time 
I got properly suited up
and he got me THIS!
not a speck on it yet
but HA!
we are just beginning! 
What do you think?
a green front door...
now to think about trim color...
i rather like it 
i think it really shows off this lovely etching
see those ducks
i want me some!
now to decide what color to paint on the trim..
Paris Grey..