Monday, June 11, 2012

Beach time!

It was a HOT hot HOT day...
and nothing sounds better than
a WHOLE lotta water
we all piled in Little Scout
(the family van)
and headed to the 
Lake Redstone isn't that far from Blessings Farm
and so we grabbed some towels
some suits 
some snacks
some fun in the sun!
it's a SUPER hot day after all...
and there was not just playing going on in the lake
but the pump was fun too! 
LOOK what Ina found!

yep, it's like caterpillar plague..
they are EVERY place ya look lately

I see you too!
silly wet boy
Papa is drying Little Man all off
so much fun was had playing in the sand and water! 
check out the beautiful waterfall!
we were so excited to find it..
lot's of kids were actually LEAPING into the water..
and little ones swim in the little pools at the bottom 
this is the nice trail back..
C.S. & Buddy LEADING us back to the beach 
where the rest of the family is..
what a great day at the beach
time to head back..
Popsicle anyone?

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