Friday, June 8, 2012

they ARE here!

a gift for me
the Tante
from my sweet niece Ina..
isn't it beautiful! 
Ina is just a smidge younger than Buddy and they are 
SUPER pals!
Tenderfoot, her brother is going to start middle school in the fall
These cousins ALL get along so wonderfully,
we are all so excited to have them here!
First adventure is taking
them out in the General
to see how the spring is doing.. 
it's a little bigger, but still bubbling!
Anyone like Ina's hair?
I got the HONOR of brushing it, and putting it in the braid..
Ooo I could squeeze her all day!
she LET me play with her hair! 
Little Man is in a very happy place right now..
having Uncle and Cousins here is SO fun! 
an she's off to explore!

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