Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a little bit... exhausting

we decided to go on another hunt one day
it was STILL hunting season
we thought it BEST to wear our hunter orange
This time we were thrilled that Opa felt up to joining us
it's a BIG piece o'land
and we were hoping that it wouldn't tire him out TOO much
we were hoping that Little Man would get VERY tired indeed 
we'd be driving back to suburbia
and having him NAP all the way back
would be FANTASTIC

Princess is LOVING the view,
and so am I !
any worries about this NOT being good grazing land
are OUT the window!
this is our neighbors land
we are looking at
on the OTHER side of that there fence
and it's pasturing animals beautifully!

LOOKS like he fell, RIGHT???
he's decided this looks like a super cozy spot to 
rest awhile
he's just
DONE for now
and would THANK us very much to 
hep peas
(Help Please)
CARRY him home
that's a LONG way Little Man
and just THINK of the good exercise 
be missing!

Papa will HOLD your hand
so you can't sit again
Papa will encourage you in ALL things!
YOU can do this!

even Opa can!
and no one was TOO tired
but young and old had a nice nap after
LOVE it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Happy Birthday Buddy!
We love you SO much
Hope being 7 is SUPER wonderful 
May the Lord bless you with health, 
and a continued happy disposition,
joy in your heart
and strength of character! 
we LOVE you
and LOVE being FAMILY with you
you add SO much to every single day!

The Range

I want to join Robin's Merry Band TOO
We have ranges at the farm
one for Archery
one is for guns
one is for bbguns
Little Man isn't allowed ANY where near them..
but he is really hoping to be one of the Merry Men too!

So C.S. is showing Little Man
HOW to shoot a bow 
pull back

release.. where did it go?

Here's BUDDY with his BIRTHDAY bow set!
He got a quiver too
That box is HIS target

off he goes to set up again..
or maybe to look for an arrow..

saying Hi to Opa and C.S. at the Rifle Range
They are sighting in their scopes

Buddy is & now
He's got a quiver
a bow 
some arrows
and orange to be safe
some day he'll be bringing me food to cook
JUST like Papa
Papa didn't get deer this year... 
but THAT's ok
Buddy STILL wants to be just like HIS Papa
isn't that wonderful!

flitting, flighty, flying friends!

So on our SAD excuse for a front porch
there is still and element of beauty
and it holds
birdhouses & bird feeders
it would seem Opa does too
he came back from the store with seed and some bell feeders too

with in hours our feather friends came to visit!
So many different kinds too!
but I only got pictures of a few

Snack time!
so darling

doesn't his look of expectation 
make you happy?

check out my dangle technique

feeling fine

anyone else coming?

back again!
our lovely Amish friends couldn't believe HOW many birds we've been having
and enjoyed seeing them all at a recent visit...
seems we've got a snazzy spot for the birds to HANG out.. 
LOVE it!
do you love to bird watch too??

Thursday, January 19, 2012

home ec.

One of our passions is Home Educating our Blessings
We see it as one of our callings
we ENJOY being with them
(most the time... ha!)
they are fun
but we have some health challenges
and learning to cook foods that will help us all to
has been like opening my mothers cookbook
Best ever Nutrition Book

This was NOT her cookbook
but so MANY of the recipes are true TRADITIONAL foods
nutrient rich

C.S. is walking through this book
as part of his home-ec class
and he's learning SO much
he ACTS like it's sorta lame
(drum roll)
he asked if I could order some piima starter
buy some non-homogenized milk and good cream
clearly Little Man and Buddy won't consume this
but I CAN'T wait!
what's Piima?
a yogurt
check it OUT!
talk about PRObiotics!
guess I am ordering some tonight!

The Littlest Room - part 5

they can come to you in all shapes and sizes
Big ones
Little ones
Fat ones
Skinny ones
Old ones 
young ones
i could go on..
but probably i'll JUST not be
and offend someone
but it's funny
and true

Little man has entered
asking C.S. if he can "HEP"
or help...
he's helped before after all
remember THIS
but that was a "making messy" sort of project
and THIS is a
CLEANING UP sort of project

(no idea HOW)
we even got Machine Man in on this one...
What a blast!
So what's NEXT?
we'll finish washing the walls
then we wash the trim with Murphy's oil soap
THEN the floors
When everything's SQUEAKY clean
I will Prime all those plaster walls with Kilz
(they have a version to go on Plaster! happy me)
first the ceiling
second the walls
then the floor with PORCH PAINT
and finally
Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on the doors and trim
and finally
we can decorate

just being family

WAIT for ME!!!!!!
aren't Toddlers just DARLING?

always a few steps behind,
but Little Man is fine with that today
he's got a song in his head 
and his singing something that sounds very
Winnie the Pooh Inspired
fee dl dee dee dum

The kids LOVE this spot in the woods they have found for me
and I loved this photo of them
on THEIR farm
I love just BEING family with them

come to think of it, 
in the past weeks
I have got some nice shots of the Blessings
C.S. my handsome eldest

Buddy's Birthday week..
my how he's grown

COULD Little man be MORE in his element?
he's just plopped down where a tree has fallen out, 
sat in the leaves 
and decided it was a good place for a break..
He ALWAYS makes sure we have a good break!
In a fun spot

and this.. is a classic Princess shot if EVER!
Love the Blessings
and my new camera!

Simply Splendid

I love

yet somehow
i don't even know if my camera can capture JUST
how lovely it is
feeling photographically challenged
to share JUST how amazing all THIS is!
God's creation is simply 

Pitter Patter on the Porch

Little Man
has indeed DISCOVERED the porch
and it is utter bliss 
to run and jump and thud upon it..

while ugly and in need of repair
it was deemed safe
(not by a MOM - but rather by the inspector)

I am a BIG fan of front porches
and we plan on doing a tear down to this one
and putting in something bigger
I love that Little Man enjoys POUNDING the floor
 as LOUD as he can
It must FEEL nice
it certainly is loud

it isn't easy to find plans, 
does one need an architect?
who builds big front porches anyways..?
so much to learn
and I am not the only one learning

Little Man is learning new things all the time!
and my little lad cares NOT one bit for my plans
he's thrilled with life on the farm 
JUST as it is
exploring new things EACH and every day

TA DAH !!!
(hmm we need to do something about this!)

He has looked down and decided 
NOT to proceed any farther
and we're off and running!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

fairy boats...

When Milkweed explodes
and drys up for the winter
it looks like this..
and makes me think how it looks like
a fairy boat
can't you just imagine it sailing down stream?

Brothers Three

Ever play that game with a baby
it is VERY fun
sure to get a chuckle out of both baby and adult playing with them
it's darling to see them raise their hands SO high to the sky
one can NOT help but poke them in the belly
to see them giggle
We are parent who have VERY much enjoyed that game..
On four children
and many wonderful nieces and nephews
But looking at THIS photo
it gives me a whole different perspective

because C.S looks SO BIG
and I still play "SO BIG" with our darling Little Man
in fact
C.S. plays "SO BIG" with Little Man
it makes my heart warm 
how wonderful life is
that we can watch so many things grow...
fingers and toes

it's a joy to watch the love grow
between brothers
from SO in LOVE
as if one were SO bathing in the ocean at the beach
to SO deep
like the ocean's depths
I know this because of the relationship I see building between them
and between C.S & Buddy
I see it with Buddy and Little Man 

I see it
in the way they talk
the way they play
the way they giggle
the way they comfort
the way the teach
the way they learn
the way they listen
the way they fight
the way they resolve
the way the stand together
pray together
plan together
stand together
stick together
I love it
I love them
and am ever so FILLED with joy to see 
these brothers Three

Tree question...

Princess took this BASIC class on 
"Tree identification"
at a local Nature Preserve..
it's helped..
a little
but I wonder if we don't need to take another class...
or get another book
or just ASK someone...
I am asking here
to start
We plan on continuing the hunt for answers
but IF you just happen to know 
it MIGHT be a whole lot 
Have you ever seen a tree like this?
Is it a crabapple?
It looks like it MIGHT be
but, it doesn't look like any I have ever seen
NOT that I am an expert on the many varieties of Crab Apple

Is it a Cherry?
I doubt it
but wouldn't THAT be yummy?
here is the best close up I could do
now mind,
this is a winter shot
this is a rotten piece of fruit..
but I am thrilled to see it because it means
fresh fruit later this year!
just wonder if it is fruit for US
or our birdie friends !