Saturday, June 30, 2012

Coffee is a beautiful thing

several years ago,
I came across this fun piece of furniture at a 
Garage sale
It was its function, size 
and the fact that it's REAL wood
rather than it's actual appearance
that attracted me..
I have never loved how it looked..
(but I confess it looks great in this picture)
so I decided to bring it up to the farm
and paint it..
see... I think coffee is beautiful 
and I want a coffee station!
I cook for a crowd..
Even if it's my OWN clan (we are 6)
but especially when we have guests...
and one thing that drives me bonkers
are the coffee drinkers..
see I AM ONE OF THEM, but...
people always want coffee JUST in the midst of the 
HOT time in the kitchen..
when things are hopping
and have the potential to be ...
I find it stress full
when they 
(yes that might be Machine Man I am speaking of...)
waltz in to get a cup of coffee
and then go to the fridge searching
desperately for cream...
yes.. it ..
my plan?
coffee station! 
here is the new color!  
Princess painted it with 
Emperors Silk
an Annie Sloan red !
I got it at Tattered Tiques 
but you can look for a location near you!
Princess is getting the hang of this..
I love teaching a student that is SO eager to work
and to LEARN!
She did a great job! 
and now my coffee pals
(self included)
can grab a cup of joe
and not bother the Chef..
or the assistant chef..
BLISS all around!!
everything "coffee" is on the counter!
Ready for some peace
as my guest sit in my Groovy chair
and chat it up whilst I cook!

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