Saturday, June 30, 2012

COUSIN weekend!!!

we have a LOT of cousins..
and we are SO blessed because of it!
Cousins are SO fun
Cousins are our first BEST friends
and we LOVE having cousins come to 
Blessings Farm!

The cousins came late at night
and the next morning was ...
unbelievably HOT
we don't have central Air at the Farmhouse..
(clear throat)
it was hotter than...
H... E.... double hockey sticks
so we wanted to COOL off! 
The blessings were SO eager to show off their 
FAVORITE swimming hole!
here are our Twins!
They are 5
and they are a BLAST!
When with Buddy
they are a bit like the 3 Musketeers 
following the leader..
should Buddy even be allowed to BE a leader ?
it's like Porthos leading the way! 
Porthos and Athos... 
just a little fun! 
love this shot!

so careful on the rocks
getting their balance 
on to other things..
water fights
rather than sword fights?
but where is D'Artangnan ?
With the fair Lady..
his Tante G :) 
C.S. jumping off the cliff 
not once..
but twice..
thank Heavens Princess has 
the sense not  to do it..
scrub THAT!
LOOK at her go! 
Thank you Tante for bringing the boys!
we are having so much FUN! 
and we are off!
everyone's water overload has gotten them
see the enthusiasm? 
what is for supper???

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