Friday, June 1, 2012

super exciting things...

Life is bursting forth here at the farm..
perhaps we don't yet have our guinea hens
or our chickens
or our ducks
or or or... 
but it is ALL a work in progress
and things are STILL happening..
our chives are blooming! 
globe flower simply gorgeous 
last of the tulips 
flox is so beautiful 
rosebuds so rich and re

and wait..
what is THAT? 
Meet Monk our Farm Cat! 
isn't he a dear?
he's named after Adrian Monk
famed detective
because he has some...
emotional issues 
and his HEART is on his sleeve
or behind him so to speak..
isn't that SWEET?
who is that with him?
yes as in Thomas Magnum..
Private Investigator..
or rather 
for our farm house..
Magnum is the lover boy
so snuggly and sweet..
he's really the more social of the two brothers..
just some more fun to add to the garden...
there is one more cat..
a beautiful grey.. but that cat.. did not seem to want to stay
so it is with Farm Cat's
they will come and they will go
so far these brothers like it here...
when it gets crazy busy Monk disappears for days
but so far, he's always returned..
and Magnum..
as I said.. just like in the famed TV show,
he knows who feeds him
who keeps him in comfort
and he seems to love us for it !
these fella's are OUT door BARN/FARM cats
and were raised with a family
so they are friendly and free..
just how we hoped it would be!
Welcome to Blessings Farm
Magnum and Monk!

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