Thursday, April 11, 2013

LET there be LIGHT… and there WAS light ..

we finally picked some lights
now.. I am not..well
totally certain that THESE
will be
my FOREVER lights

they aren't remotely what I wanted
they do match the look
till I can find
MY look..
they do FUNCTION
which, let's face it
is SO important
and they are LED lights :)
which helps with the HORRIFICLY
(is that a word?)
Energy Bills we have..

all that with task lighting..
pretty snazzy don't you think?

saying goodbye to winter

we've had a beautiful winter here at the farm
the ducks VERY first winter with us

but I think we are all ready to say goodbye to winter
and hello

here's Daisy, Poppy, and Lily searching for anything 
that just MIGHT be hidden


Monday, April 8, 2013

Playing in the mud

someone was playing in the mud
and she doesn't realize that we …
can tell..
is acting 
very sophisticated
and mature
as if her face and entire body wasn't 
coated in mud and hay

horses are so funny
do you see how Spanny can smell 
the peppermints in Princess' pockets?
too funny!

She is clearly very happy here
with her pals
playing and grazing on these hills
and we are happy with her

Front porch update

what a view
I so look forward to just sitting out there and relaxing

since I snapped these photo's
Mr. M put up the new siding… 
and whilst I have been away 
he's finished the ceiling too!

Isn't it coming together 

I know.. yer looking at the "bare bones" of our project
I love the bones of a project
and I love dressing it too!

soon I get to hunt for
ceiling fans
(summer is coming soon!)
and can lighting
and a new porch light
we'll have to dress it all up

here is the view leading to the back door
and the big supper bell 
the stairs will lead down, and then
the steps will lead back up
we hope to make a path from where they meet 
into the garden…
every living plant directly NEXT to the house
will be pulled out and transplanted..
I don't trust the mice
we'll be building that up a bit and filling with stones
and putting some beautiful 
big plant containers there
field mice belong 
IN the field
and not in my basement 
not ever
so, I just think I ought to continue to deter them
so far so good!

so far, it's sure looking pretty
so eager for each step
our sweet farmhouse is REALLY coming together!