Sunday, August 11, 2013

Tattered Tiques

we were out and about…
we just HAPPENED to be IN the neighborhood…
Machine Man was doing some remodeling to that other property we hope to sell…
and because of my allergies..
 I couldn't go home..
We simply HAD to find SOMETHING to do
SOME way to spend our time..
it was only…
 a little further out of my way…
one really can't blame me..
YOU would have too..
Princess and I couldn't resist…

WE adore going to Tattered Tiques
WE love to visit with these two sisters and their lovely Mama…
WE love the chaos and joyful business of the shop
we LOVE all the creativity
LOVE all the thoughtfulness tucked away here and there
we LOVE chit chatting and brainstorming
LOVE the classes..
LOVE the paints..
LOVE just being there…
could REALLY just
sit down and hang out actually
THAT would be pushing things..
Machine Man should be SO proud of me..
an Annie Sloan book..
but I did get a color chart..
Let the plotting begin!
(insert devious laugh)
Where do you love to go 
when you can't go home?