Monday, June 4, 2012

Assembling a wee little work cart!

We needed a wee work cart for the kitchen..
to slide next to the stove whilst we are cooking,
or use in other ways..
if you will...
Garage sailing hasn't produced quite the size needed...
but IKEA did !
So I had this ASSEMBLY JOB
seeing as I have some qualified persons here to ASSEMBLE for me of my wee assemblers got a job to do !
That wee assembler did the job quite well I must say! 
Are you wondering who? 
Well look at that detail..
Do you THINK Buddy is up for the challenge?
Do you think it's more Princess's speed?
or Rather do you think C.S. found time?
it's a SOLO job.
Machine Man was NOT here
only the Mama was. 
(clearing throat- preparing to confess...)
and I will confess that THIS Mama...
NOT so gifted at assembly.
(never properly trained.. you understand.) 
The ASSEMBLER was Princess!
She's at it again! 
When I told the kids there was 2 small jobs left to assemble
that I thought were in the realm of NOT needing the Papa...
She JUMPED at the chance to do another assembly project 
remember Welcome Back Kotter?
oo oo ooh PICK ME! PICK ME!
she got the job!
and I would say she did a GREAT JOB!
I am certain you'll be seeing a lot of this little cart
as we start cooking in that kitchen ..
Guess what is coming to our house!!!
(I know.. PINCH ME!  
So very exciting isn't it?)

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