Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Princess is the first to enjoy the blue flames..

WE have hummingbirds...
and a feeder
but no nectar.. 
Princess thought the very first time we use the stove
should be to serve others
rather than ourselves 
gathering her supplies 
measuring out her sugar..
it occurs to her she is uncertain about her ratio's
running to the Amish neighbor to verify
produced nothing
as they weren't home... 
I reminded her that we have a cool book! 
and she began her hunt for the recipe! 
ta Dah! 
see the pretty blue flame of a REAL stove? 
she's mixing her ingredients 
and she's all ready to load 
once the nectar has cooled..
we will have happy hummingbirds in NO time!
do you want the recipe too? 
one part sugar
four parts water
heat till dissolved
and let cool..
keep your feeder clean 
your nectar can store in the fridge about a week..
keep it filled
for happy humming friends

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