Thursday, June 7, 2012

LL Flooring... Stang-Lund part 1

so... it 's all done that is gonna get done
the "Flooring Guy" comes over
the boxes and stuff are just WAITING for him to open
and put together 
The trim looks good in the Living room 
In the LL Guest Room, I only painted the Windows  
well.. Machine Man mentioned something about 
replacing the base boards because of NOT having any
where the closet WAS
and he is project "planning" thinking...etc
is that Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
costs a bit of money
and IT is never meant to be wasted on trim that 
come out..
not doing it..
I will wait for his final thoughts before wasting paint and energy
wouldn't YOU?
there is the ceiling
still drying... 
and here is phase ONE!
The "flooring Guy is laying down
the Scuba liner!
isn't it cool?
it's a good moisture barrier 
it cracks me UP!
That said one more day to GUESS the color!!!
Which one...
do YOU think 
that we picked???
come on..
you can do it..

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