Wednesday, June 6, 2012

LL Guest room patch work !

So when Machine Man left things looked like this
Whilst I THOUGHT he was upstairs unpacking
I suddenly realize
I am hearing the sound of a drill..
Then it stops..
finally I think.. perhaps I ought to investigate..
yep.. there is a drill
and sounds of talking coming from LL Guest Room 
so.. I slowly came around the corner to peek
at what was happening.. 
Woo hoo!
Time for the Repair! 
it really helps that Machine Man is so tall.. 
no.. we've not figured out exactly what we want to do.. about that
long gap in our wall..
thinking creatively..
it'll come to us 
time for the tape stuff 
it is never fun to work on ceilings...
Thankfully he has some pretty good 
products to work with.. 
I love my DAP... 
dry ceiling DRY
the flooring guy is coming soon
and we must be a wee bit 
MORE done with this room
than we are right now..

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