Sunday, June 3, 2012

LL Guest Room... part 2

Home School Assignment for this morning was..
bright and early
we are BACK in the LL Guest Room
me and my gal..
(wait.. is that room REALLY Pink? 
or do you just have bad lighting in photo..?
oh.. it's REALLY pink.. like that dining room was REALLY 
striped yellow and deep purple...
this is..
Calamine Lotion PINK!
that said ..
you know it won't STAY pink!
we are on a MISSION!
this is what the boys left us 
what are WE going to do?
well.. I will show Princess the problem areas we are prepared to work on
(not the gaping gashes.. not prepared JUST yet)
will will IGNORE that scary nightmare for now..
and she will do the work... 
areas like this
are all over the corners of the room
we will use the plaster again..
JUST like in the littlest room
remember THAT??
oh my!
didn't read it?
read it HERE 
(yes click that purple word  to read all about THAT major repair)
she has gotten out her supplies
Dab Patching Plaster
a spackle thing-e
a ziplog bag
a soft paint brush for wiping away crumblies and dust 
because she will have to scrape away some plaster that is 
loose and damaged..
oh and a scissor 
yep that is all..
YEP!  she remembered to put her plaster repair in a ziplock..
she will FROST it
didn't you go back and READ THIS ???
you need to!
so why am I trusting Princess to do such an important JOB ?
because I have trained her
she has watched and learned,
practiced under me
and I trust her!
Besides she's so good at this..
she is after all 
the best baker in the house!
so excited! aren't you?

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