Thursday, February 23, 2012

little bit o'elbow grease

it was SO icky gross
well.. I don't really HAVE enough words to describe it's nastiness 

so I got myself a bucket 
filled it with a 
Scotch scrubby sponge
Murphy's Oil Soap
grabbed a microfiber cloth and GOT down to work

because it was carpeted .. 
those staples were EVERYWHERE
so i used my handy dandy Opa Tool
and pulled them RIGHT up
see all about it 

looks a LOT better right?
I think so 
mind you the picture doesn't really 
SHOW it.. but it's pretty badly stained..
I plan on painting it..
 MORE on that later!
the Farm house is coming together!
so exciting!

beneath my feet

tearing up that fluffy stuff beneath our feet
means protecting hands

using hardy tools

protecting lungs

and it's really hardy work

Machine Man is up for the job too

after finishing the staircase
and leaving me a mess to clean up

they had to find this

the original flooring was 
beneath these boards
and awful carpet
removing the carpet totally stressed the guys out
but they started pulling and found wide planks

Machine man also found concrete something or other smeared over the boards..

LOVE wide plank boards
but these big gaps???
what's a girl to do?
in some spots we can SEE through 
DOWN to the basement
(think "PSYCHO" scary when you think of our basement)

This big change in flooring might be causing some tripping..
must consider WHAT to do

Big mess

all cleaned up
not sure..
we need to block those gaps to the basement..
perhaps we should put some boards beneath these
sort of on the basement ceiling
I am 
volunteering for 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Let the ripping and repair BEGIN!

It all began a little over a week ago
We got some tools and attacked the floors
or I SHOULD say
the GUYS attacked the floors
They began on the upstairs hall and stairwell 

it was
and EVERYONE wore one of these

chaos reigned that weekend
and carpet remnants were WELL worth the taking out
so what was I doing whilst the lads and their Father
labored away on ripping up carpets?
reading this lovely novel

Friday, February 10, 2012

missing frozen pizza? EMERGENCY PIZZA HELP

Going GLUTEN Free
has been really good for our family...
everyone is feeling SO much better,
 & healing is happening in our systems. 
Less inflammation, 
less of everything ICK that comes from having
Gluten sensitivities
we make our own bread
our own cookies
our own muffins
our own dinner rolls
from scratch
we make nearly 
even pizza 
from scratch
you KNOW those times,
when you've been EVERY place BUT home
running, running running
ALL over creation
and what you REALLY want is something simple
not dramatic
just yummy food
that is 
a bit of a 
as much as we LIKE
 Dinty Moore Beef Stew
(which is gluten free/Casein free fyi)
we just don't WANT it
we want something
frozen Pizza
but have you ever LOOKED at the price OF
gluten free FROZEN pizza?
it's just .. 
WOW expensive
and being on the 
doing that
is like watching ME hyperventilate
because you'd be doing that 
WOW expensive frozen pizza TIMES 8
which = fall over in the isle paying
8(WOW $$) = FOITIP
(a little home school moment)
times 8?
Are you counting Dusty & Teanie?
Do the bunnies REALLY eat pizza too?
but C.S. & Machine Man eat about 2 of them each!
2(C.S) + 2(M. M) + M + P + B + L.M = 8
That said
we've looked for 
alternatives to the frozen gf pizza.
PLEASE do not misunderstand.
we HAVE a wonderful
gluten free crust we MAKE from scratch
but this post is NOT about 
those happy times.
THIS post is about when LIFE is CRAZY
when making from scratch is just 
possible ! 
When would that be?
list of reasons to NOT make from scratch...
preservation of sanity
lack of time
too much traffic
eating at a pizza party with friends
the list is really endless
it's there if you stop to look..
so in THOSE cases
I have a freezer with a case of these inside!
UDI's to the rescue!
super yummy, 
crunch crusts
and right there in my freezer
but WAIT!
Pizza.. YOU are eating PIZZA?
what about that Little Man is allergic to Casein?
that MILK protein thing you blogged about 
HOW can he have Pizza with out CHEESE?
isn't Buddy allergic to Dairy too?
What do you feed THEM on those Emergency Pizza nights?
you don't make them eat frozen PEAS do you?
we are not that cruel
truth be told Frozen Peas are a favorite of Little Man right now
Mama did her research
they eat THEIR pizza with this

not always with cheddar.. but
If I find the Mozzarella
I buy it.. 
this time they didn't have it at the store
and ya know what?
the boys didn't care they LOVED it
it is casein free
gluten free
soy free
 & who KNOWS what else it's free of
it's wonderful
it tastes good
and it MELTS more like cheese 
than any other "fake cheese"
because of SOY allergies
this is the only "fake cheese" we've found so far
thankfully it's also the BEST

this is our favorite "topping"
I know
it's probably awful
but as far as I recall none of us are allergic to any ingredients
also it tastes good
we eat so darn good ALL the time
it's sort of OUR way of feeling
now. we ARE American's by the way
and we LOVE our Country
we just don't GET how most folks here eat...
there are no words 
Buddy is SUPER excited! 
he LOVES his pizza

look at Little Man GO after that slice!
I love watching him eat things that he LOVES to eat
Toddlerhood is SO fun 
what sauce?
any that has not gluten or cheese or well any dairy
we like Trader Joes Pizza sauce
but we often get other kinds
we just 
all the lables

so there ya have it
if you EVER need a fast and easy pizza crust
this one's fun & fast, 
just top it and pop it in the oven !

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bunny lovin'

Stop the PRESSES!
is that TWO fuzzy soft friends I see?
yep.. your eyes do not deceive you
that's not ONE rabbit
but TWO!
Buddy got a new pet for his BIRTHDAY!

We all KNOW and LOVE our Dusty Bunny
please welcome to our Blog
Teanie is SUCH a lovely addition to the family!
a beautiful 6 year old Holland lop!
Do the bunnies get along? 
you could say that..
they hop and play together all day long!
Fun times.. 
Welcome to the Family Teanie!


we hear it ALL the time
i do NOT exaggerate friends
it is at LEAST a dozen times a day
most likely 
a dozen times an hour
"Mama" or "Papa"
"I have a question...."
notice he NEVER 
i mean NEVER
just ASKS the question
it is rather...
an announcement
it sort of DEMANDS that you ask HIM the question
"what's your question Buddy?"
and then HE feels SO helpful in sharing the question with you.
all sorts of questions
they never stop
they go on and on and on
probably for 
but we can't see that far
because it just doesn't stop
he'll WAKE up
that he has
today's funniest SO far?
"Mama... "
"I have a Question...."
long pause
maybe if i pretend i am REALLY enthralled in what I am doing
it might stop..
still paused..
"MAMA, perhaps you didn't hear me, but
I have a QUESTION"
i turn
praying to God for a serene look to appear on my face
"yes Buddy... that's nice"
(new approach)
"yes Mama.. don't you want to KNOW what my question is?"
(new approach thwarted)
"sure Buddy" 
(I smile.. he's SO darling)
"Well, I want to KNOW if Crocodiles can climb trees
and If they can't 
can they knock a tree down IF I climb it?
and how thick ought the tree be that I ought to climb
IF that is I ought to climb at all?
I just really need to know
the next time a crocodile chases me..
what I ought to do"
to this I answer
"pray Buddy.. PRAY"
he gives me the LOOK
and asks Princess to google it for him...
oh MY
I thought we lived in the 

planning to...

these carpets!
That's what's ON the docket for this weekend!

don't you love my vacuum cleaner?
a falling apart shop vac
even if it takes a long time. 
it works
sort of..
i know..

we'll pull out the carpet on the stairs too,
and in the upstairs hall way
soooo exciting
and so icky dusty allergen producing
I forgot to show you how CLEAN the walls in the living room are 
thanks to the girls 
Princess, Bean, Swan & Phin
they scrubbed away
and really got the room looking GREAT!
we RIP up the carpet
PULL up the staples
and wash everything with 
you are just SO excited right?
me too!

Monday, February 6, 2012


I have always thought
By The Way
gee, it did when writing notes & passing them during study hall in 
Junior High School
it meant that in note writing whilst in High School
(yes i know they text each other now right? I'm dating myself!)
it even meant that when things began exploding on the internet
in chat rooms
and all THAT jazz
it STILL means "By The Way" on 
Facebook & Twitter
but today
 it took on a WHOLE new meaning for me
Behind The Wheel
I signed my first born up
for Drivers ED...
this is MOMENTOUS for us
for those who've 
been there
done that
you nod and comprehend, and long to tell me 
it's NO big deal
for those of you with kids 13 and under
I see the beads of sweat forming JUST beneath your skin
only because I was JUST there
it's STRESSFUL to think about
isn't it?
well here we are
at the EDGE
ready to JUMP off the cliff

he looks ready
says he IS ready
feels ready
not so much
but then again
maybe I am ready
(can you hear me starting to breath regular?)

I can't believe we've come this far together
I remember his first car
it was like THIS
we still have it.
shocking.. but it was built to last
(little tikes ROCKS!)
but C.S. isn't a little tike anymore
he's growing into quite a young man
it happens
so quick
days may seem to drag
but months and years
FLY by

so now.. 
Machine Man and Mama C
have one that is in diapers
and one that will be BTW
Behind THE Wheel

Everything In Between

as always
prayers welcome

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Reflecting on a great weekend

Making friends
it seems to come easy when we are young
it's not always so simple to 
nurture those new friendships
to grow them
friendships are like flowers in a garden
sometimes plants go dormant
and BLOOM with 
JUST a bit o'water and attention
for MY self and my girlfriends
it's been a long stretch
I have known both the brilliant 
Glamour Moms
since I was a girl!
and ya know what, 
they are such a joy and blessing to me
so MANY ups and downs
bends in the road
and yet 
a joy
that is what these ladies are..
and their daughters
and my daughter...
WOW ! 
They are a BLAST !
energetic, compassionate, hard working
a pleasure just to KNOW...
and I think
I wonder
about their days ahead
their lives
the bends in them
the ups and downs 
Where will the new found friendships take THEM?
Who knows...
But at least this ONE weekend
they had one another

a lot of silliness
a LOT of adventure
a whole LOT of fun 
I look forward to having these girls 
COME to Blessings Farm again and again

thank you SO much Swan
you are a joy,
We are glad to know YOU
and hope to watch you grow and grow
into an amazing woman 
Thank you Phin
for your energy
you passions
I look forward to seeing you grow, mature
blossom into the fabulous lady you shall be 
I am JUST so very thankful to God
that I get you be YOUR Mama
that I get to raise you up from little to Lady
so far it's been Brilliant!
thank you for all you do, and for being YOU!

Bean, you are bright and shiny 
a true Sunshine gal
thank you for coming to Blessings Farm
and blessing US!
May your days be filled with wonder, and love
and JOY
May each of you young ladies 
be BLESSED beyond measure
May God touch your lives in profound and unimaginable ways
may your days be joy FILLED to overflowing
may you ALWAYS know
no MATTER what,
that you matter SO very very much
that you are appreciated
that you have great friends because YOU are lovely !
and MOST importantly
that you are 

thank you to you and your AMAZING mothers 
for attending the 1st EVER 
Blessings Farm
Mother Daughter Getaway Retreat !