Sunday, June 10, 2012

Bringing the porch DOWN

posts & railings are GONE...
where was I?
better go and see the progress so far... 
C.S. is really stepping up and helping out Papa
Machine Man is thrilled to have such great helpers!
is it appropriate to say OUCH? 
They are leaving part of the roof on,
so to not damage the actual wall of the house
when rain and weather come... 
it is a 
family effort! 
Even Princess is helping out!
our helper girl
was all dressed and ready to play hide and seek...
nearly done with the flooring 
fun to learn about where the lumber came from 
Friedrich (Frederick) Weyerhäuser (November 21, 1834 in Nieder-SaulheimRheinhessen - April 4, 1914 in PasadenaCalifornia[2]) was a German-American timber mogul and founder of the Weyerhaeuser Company
Machine Man is getting tired..
this is a "vacation weekend" that he's working on..
I sure hoped we finish it in one day
so he can just
attractive isn't it? 
nearly done 
now for some clean up...
and some
here is the farm house
the porch...
all i can think
is how nice it will be when we have 
a nice big new on that sweet farmhouse

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