Friday, June 8, 2012

They're almost HERE!

It was NEARLY the weekend..
and something like a flurry of activity is happening here
last minute projects
a flurry!
See My wonderful BROTHER
and my delightful Nephew (Tenderfoot)
and my darling niece (Ina)
coming for the long weekend 
for a vacation..
The farmhouse has come along SO wonderfully..
but we need to CLEAN up
and wrap up some loose ends
for it to feel like a vacation to anyone..
THAT and..
we'll be taking down the porch..
(not such a fun vacation-ee thing to be doing)
it was garage sale day..
guess what I found!
are you totally digging the groovy chairs?
They are ancient..
they swivel too!
We found them at a barn sale
the fabric is in great condition..
and they are cozy to sit in...
we vacuumed them up and
have to decide if we just keep them 
or if we actually fix them up..
but either way at $5 each..
they buy me time
and a couple places to pop a squat
(in a not on a fold out camping chair way)
but you are probably wondering what is in front of 
Princess, working on the last of the small assembly projects
for the kitchen..
Its a tower..
to go next to the refrigerator..
Because of needing to OPEN the refrigerator..
we needed enough space between IT and the wall..
and being as I don't like useless space..
We purchased this super tower to use for 
additional storage!
isn't it tall!
I can fit a rice cooker on there NO problem
and other wonderful things
giving me more space to use in the 
(have I mentioned how exciting all this is?)
Princess is all about precision..
her Fathers daughter 
and all that
a whirlwind of family fun
a "mini break" to see some local sites
a porch removal..
might happen!

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