Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pantry - Mini Make over...

Ant's in my Pants
I can't believe how HARD it is to do 
NOT much
while some guy is working hard 
putting flooring in MY house..
that and the big VACATION week
was upon me..
What's a girl to do but ponder the 
MANY little projects she's managing...
When it occurred to me...
Machine Man is coming EARLY this week
HE and my brother are going to be MOVING 
my refrigerator into the kitchen..
and all that storage in the 
MOCK Kitchen
will be awkward...
which means
here they've emptied it out of a LOT of the 
odds and ends...
A whole other weird cabinet
is here no longer
Thanks to C.S. and a furniture dolly 
We discovered there was no way to remove 
cabinet from the room...
we tried it every which way...
no go..
I was all ready to paint the cabinet a solid white
and make ready use of it
when Princess lamented how much she liked the ivy...
how pretty it looked
how it would be SUCH a shame to loose it under layers of paint..
(ugh.. REALLY?????)
ok ok, it's her Farm house too..
so ok, we did a light coating of Annie Sloan's Pure White
and deep regular white everywhere else...
(must conserve where possible...)
we painted the trim inside with the Annie Sloan Paris Grey 
Shelves white..
so annoyed now that we didn't remove the shelves first..'s really a "mini" makeover"
it will eventually see a total transformation..
so I guess it's ok.. 
We painted the walls and each shelf..
some got on the metal things..
but I really didn't care..
it's an awkward space
and Princess is doing a great job helping me..
we both had a few oopsies
because of HOW awkward it is in here! 
I LOVE that we have a peg board..
I used a reject color from the store
and frankly I don't like it..
it's a "will get to it later" project..
What I do like
is that it is CLEAN and painted
and ready to hang stuff on
Time to move stuff in! 
I found  this old lace curtain 
from another part of the house.
It was filthy
so we washed it in the Tub
and hung it out to dry
doesn't it look beautiful in here?
love the whole "FREE" thing too 
I had C.S. dismantle the shelving in the 
MOCK Kitchen
and reset up only this portion of it..
again it's a BIT not right for the spot..
till we do a major overhaul on this room
it will do..
and do nicely..
we need to LIVE here
and be able to relax more when we are here..
this is going so well
it is fast becoming a 
"some day" room 
Toaster oven
and Microwave FIT
and are plugged in!
Woo hoo! 
Can't even imagine
canned goods
packaged goods
NEAR the stove
and sink?
all so very NEAR one another?
Pinch me!

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