Tuesday, November 29, 2011

And God put enmity between them...

between the serpent and the woman...
and I being a daughter of EVE 
have it in my gene's
I don't LIKE snakes
but ...
as a home school ma
I gotta grab the camera for the kids when they find ANY "thing" 
gross or not

thankfully this was a friendly garter snake

another reason 
besides TICKS
for Mama (Mrs. C) to get Guinea Hens! :)
(thinking... the lavender.. what about you???)
back to the post...
Here is C.S. holding said Snake..
because..he is not woman?

but a few weeks ago NOT only did Mr. J hold one...
but so did his beautiful bride Mrs. J!
she is so my hero!  
(making Eve proud EVERY day!)
i remain ever the wimpy chick
saying ICKY ick
to the snake in the grass 

look at her..
she is like ... 
a glamour model out of a lands end catalog.!
too cool!

That said, the snake was RE released to the wild
no animals were injured during this posting

a wee discovery I forgot to mention...

a few visits ago, Princess made this AMAZING discovery...
and I got a few photos of it..
WHY only a few?
I was too busy nibbling after that

I have a little vineyard!
and a WHOLE lot to learn!
I must tell you 
THESE are the most delicious I have had since France
and I am thrilled...

so this winter 
in addition to researching
guinea hens
chicken breeds
duck breeds
dog breeds
sheep breeds
apple trees
pear trees
blue berry bushes
and countless other wonderful things we hope to grow..
we MUST hunt down...
a used wine press
and figure out how to tame this wonder :)
isn't God AMAZING ?  
May His Blessings upon our House NEVER end,
we are ever so thankful to Him!

Give thanks to the Lord for He is good His love endures forever

Monday, November 28, 2011

saying.. thank you

we have WONDERFUL neighbors
they bring us treats
like cake
or cookies
or chocolates
and we are always SO thankful !
(wouldn't YOU be?)
Our new neighbors are also Amish
which I have to say,
Buddy thinks is SUPER terrific

and every time he sits down to write down the Thank you card
they get another version of a Chariot
he simply LOVES the horse and buggy bit
and thinks it's SO cool that she's in a Chariot...
I tell him it's a buggy
he says " I know Mama..."
and draws a chariot of some sort,
it's ALWAYS magnificent
or romantic
this on is tiered, with 3 levels

we feel it's important to work on saying thank you, 
by writing cards, or sending notes..
I confess, 
I am NOT always the best at getting the blessings to do this,
It's something I really want to work on.
Life can get terribly busy in the suburbs, 
with one doctor appointment after another
the days just fly by...
but in the country...
that cookie,
or cake
or piece of chocolate just reminds you...

and you can't HELP but make it part of handwriting class..
YES those G's an E's are all gumbled...
we are working on it.. 
don't you LOVE the fancy T?

my little Artist has even created his OWN emblem

Buddy working Wally the Wheelbarrel

Buddy LOVES to be put to work..
REAL work
He LOVES uniforms
and LOVES to work with Wally
Wally is what they named the Wheel barrel
we NAME everything here at Blessings Farm
Preparing for Winter, 
OUR very first winter at Blessings Farm is a BIG deal,
and Buddy (still AGE 6) takes EVERY job we give him, 
(well every job BUT pick up your socks, make your bed... etc) 
every OTHER sort of job very seriously
and Buddy's BIG Job today is to put these neat 
glow in the dark sticks along side the 
very very very very VERY 
long drive
so we can snow blow it with Forrest
(the snow blowing tractor, that you have YET to be introduced to)
and NOT fall off the drive 
because that ..
would stink
a whole LOT
so Buddy is feeling VERY excited
his JOB is 
let's be honest..

he's wearing hunter orange
and it sorta FEELS like a uniform
it sorta LOOKS like a uniform
and he HAS to wear it
EVERYONE is out hunting
we don't want ANY ol' hunter mistakin' OUR Buddy
for Bambi
and taking a shot

he's working hard I'll tell ya
we're spacing them all out real good
because we ONLY have
SO many..
we are CHEAP

and the drive is SO very very LONG

and it dips pretty harshly in spots

is that Buddy DANCING while he works?

Buddy gives  WHOLE new meaning to the concept of 
Whistle while you work..

What a neat guy

snowball bushes..

so in front of our sweet little Farm House
are these Snowball bushes
and not just one or two
like ooodles
and ooodles
like they had babies
there are literally 
generations of them

and they are TALL
and beautiful
and OUT of control
and buggy in the summer
and Machine Man wants to KILL them all
(hunter instinct)
and Opa thinks they retain too much water too near the house to be logical
and I LOVE them
and want to save them
and Princess
agrees with ME :)
LOVE her!
so WE devised a plan

and every single time we have attempted the plan
it has..
because their stems are SO many
and SO thick
and we are ...
it would seem...
VERY wimpy chicks

see how TALL they are?
see those stubs in front?
those are DAYS worth of work!
and you can BARELY NOTICE!

it's like a bad hair cut

so i brought up my hedge cutters
and Opa brought up HIS ELECTRIC hedge trimmers
(still IN the box... because he IS ... THAT cool)
let's see what does the job

we had to go to a chain saw
those suckers are like wood!
we ended up with a HUGE burn pile!
looks great  right!

the plan is...
(you're just really eager to know right?)
that with them more...
manageable, shall we say...
we can now DIG them up in the early spring,
and transplant them
along my side of the park way...
see on the left of the drive way, how it dips a bit, and there is a white birch, that is sort of...
the road way..
and I think these would look beautiful,
dotting all along my yard as people drive by... 
my home is high up enough it won't hinder my seeing the street or the neighbors, 
but sure will make the drive beautiful 
and my view...
my neighbors LOVED the idea too
who knows..
perhaps they'll help..
goodness knows
we'll NEED IT!

PULLING up staples!

The Bunk Room...
It IS the biggest room BY FAR in the whole Farm house.. 
Simply put
it is HUGE
and we dared to pull up the carpet
(oh MY!)
and made the BOLD decision to not recarpet but to keep the plank wood floors
though they may need a bit of repair in one spot...
that left me
with a WHOLE lot of staples to pull
and trying with pliers just left me depressed...
I did what ANY gal would do.
I goggled.. and chatted ALL about my dilemma..
and turns OUT...
had to deal with this 30 years ago
and INVENTED a tool for it!
(wonders NEVER seize) 
now Princess confessed that his ORIGINAL wasn't so cushy as this...
he told her he used a hard metal handled one way back then...
but because OPA just LOVES his little girl
he bought these nice can openers from OXO :)
can openers??
and then what?
he took a file and sharpened them...
sorry for not having photo's of that process.
it was a surprise for me
they had NO idea that I'd be wanting to do a tutorial on this..
silly them..
think, MANfile... not nailfile..
think HARDware store
NOT beauty salon
he REALLY filed this to a NICE point for me
 LOVE my dad!

the other tool I had was a hammer
for the occasional NAIL that I came across that just needed to be PUT in it's place

and my dixie cup
that I used to put all my mess

so here is a wee little staple
doesn't LOOK like a staple DOES IT?
looks like a bunch of fuzz

so I pull extra fuzz away

and get my sharp opener in there
it really lifts EASY

shocking after trying SO hard with other tools


up and gone
all done lickity splity
thankfully Opa made 3 of these tools and ...
my helpers helped me
even Buddy helped
and Princess

But sometimes those suckers aren't in there even steven..
SOMETIMES they aren't fair
and boo -boo's occur

wash and clean the wounds
know first aid, it's essential,
have banaids ON hand, and BE prepared to wear a banaid EVEN if you don't have a boo boo
just to match, 
it helps the crying to STOP
then.. attend the nasty and offensive

like this one

with that cool whole in the middle of the can opener... 
sometimes it works when you attack it this way

some times...
it works better if you get it this way

but with a little giggle
it comes 

RIGHT out..
i know

my dad is an amazing inventor
we are thinking of selling these at the farm! 
we can perhaps figure something out :)

So now.. 
the room is ..
NOT pretty
NOT done
but playable
while we work on some OTHER things..
whatcha think?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

THAT wall....

something "special" planned for THAT yellow wall??
yep !
on the left..tiled walls, 
and the sink, fridge,
a dishwasher..
on the right... 
tiled walls
counter with drawers, 2 shelves and the stove
all tiled walls go up about 3/4 of the way
and all are subway tile white
ok.. maybe not the perfect photo to show it.. but
YOU get the idea 
straight ahead.. 
well it's the pantry.. a big pantry!
it needs a LOT of work
but..we don't mind some elbow grease and effort!
here's some ideas

i LOVE how white this is..
I want all white..
but a door a bit more perhaps like this

just not so.. curly q
and jet black
but the walls.. what about Those?

i am thinking white planking...
horizontal if you please

i first fell in LOVE with the look and idea
by seeing THIS picture in Layla & Kevin's 
if you need inspiration,
LAYLA is sure to give you a heaping plate full!
here is another wonderful picture of the general idea of what I am going for..

Isn't this just darling?
can't you see it in your mind?
(these photo's were borrowed from Pinterest- check out the link!)
planked white wood
(we'll probably re-cycle wood palettes! )
(it's super cheap & I love the idea of recycling wood)
jet black screen door

could look pretty great
What do YOU think?