Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Assignment... Duck house

One of the assignments I have C.S. doing
is Building me...
(oops... that perhaps OUGHT to be Building us)
a Duck house!
Machine Man brought this SUPER cool box home from work..
I painted it
We found supplies at Habitat for Humanities RESTORE
it's a favorite place to shop!
here is an old kitchen cabinet that I have painted antibes green..
to match my front door! 
don't worry I shall use a dark wax..
JUST like the door 
it will look LOVELY! 
here is what we've done on the inside part of the door..
C.S. found this cool trim and cut it for the ducks to have some grip
when they walk down it... 
That BIG opening is for a window
I want to see my ducks
and I want them to see us..
C.S. is learning a LOT!
like... HOW to use power tools safely and effectively..
and HOW
to measure twice
so we can cut just once 
it's almost ready for the window! 
yes.. it's a Pella..
before you get all stressed that my ducks have a nicer window 
than mine..
BREATH in and then EXHALE..
they do..
it only cost me $2
so that wee fact made it all better for me!
now to cut the box for the door...
the hinges will go on the bottom
so it can open downward
and become a ramp for our ducks 
here is the door from the inside... 
a friend recommended using linoleum on the bottom..
I wonder if I can find some of that at the Restore....
she said it makes clean up MUCH simpler 
the door UP and closed.. 
C.S. caulking the finishing touches to the window..

WHERE did he go? 
ta dah!
there is still more to do,
but so far
it looks GREAT!

Table rehab

so picked up this table at a garage sale..
It is a bit rough 
it needs some love
and I have decided to adorn it 
with my beloved Chalk paint 
I confess this is not the fanciest piece
but it certainly is fairly practical...
and I want practice,
you see...
I have more pieces ahead of me..
So I chose
Paris Grey
now I know what you are thinking...
Isn't it going to look awful?
All that Paris Grey will be TOO Much!
I was THINKING that perhaps with the dark wax
it could look 
Quite different.. 
and it does!
it still will flow with the room
but it is distinct in it's tone... 
I love the way the wax plays off the curves
the nicks and cracks.. 
to scrub hardware!

Friends come to play

we had some friends come to the farm recently
isn't Onion Peel darling? 
her nick name IS Onion Peel
because she was obsessed with my onions
and kept peeling them!
Love the shot of the two brothers
and their buddy
Eagle Eye 
Here is their lovely Mama
Miss Mag.
she is studying
Massage Therapy!
One more semester to go for this 
BRILLIANT 4.0 Student
One more semester, 
extra difficult, extra challenging ahead..then...
From there she will begin a whole new exciting phase of Life...
We at Blessings Farm are so thrilled she could come
and take a mini break 
to rest up
study up
and chill out a bit
just days before she had to hit it hard again..
who KNOWS maybe if we do a 
Ladies Spa weekend
we could Hire Miss Mag!

Monday, July 30, 2012

A bloody mess...

not injured.
fear not
he is thrilled beyond belief 
it's FINALLY happening...
and he couldn't look MORE thrilled 
a tooth came out
just more life
Blessings Farm

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Mr. T showed me this sweet little spot..
and I decided to take 
Machine Man
Uncle Buck
and the gang of kids
to this little discovery 
the trail is a blast 
and it leads to the most delightful little fishing hole!

we don't have our poles today,
so we can't drop any lines in 
everyone is pumped to come back soon!
Tender Foot and Buddy
coming up the dock... 
look at this lovely vie..
that nice horizon line 
is where the bike trail is! 
what a glorious day it turned out to be.. 
cousins are loving the spot
chatting up a storm.. 
Ina and Buddy,
best pals
I love these two..
they are so fun

fellow photographer
Uncle Buck 
Papa and Little Man scoping things out... 
it's a HIT!  
Buddy LOVES it!
and Buddy is a truly avid fisher lad 
looking at her reflection? 
beautiful sites? 
I sure like it here..
it's so very peaceful 
so very calming to one's soul...

Night games... the prep

many many moons ago
when I was but a girl
my older brother and I played 
night games
We had a variety of them
with many names
and we played them with the kids in our neighborhood..
it was a BLAST..
so one night as we all sat around the campfire,
my brother, aka Uncle Buck and I
were reminiscing 
and little ears were listening..
little imaginations got jump started
and we all decided
to revive the games
so on this particular morning
they started setting up the 
and location of a "box" needing to be captured 
this is a lesson in patience..
this tent is probably nearly as old as me
and we WILL NOT
for the sake of the blog
get into ALL that..
suffice it to say that the directions were beyond
Even Uncle Buck is confused by the directions,
so they build based on photos
and some good old common sense 
prepping for night games seems
to be quite the adventure!

just a wee trim

we have a LOT of branches that we've had to trim
and that makes for a LOT of brush..
TOO much 
so we get the wood chipper out
and get at it
some nice mulch will look great around the trees
don't you think? 
it's rather exhausting
but worth the efforts 
Look at that nice pile..
thanks to C.S. 
the yard should be in tip top shape in no time

Saturday, July 28, 2012


we have a LOT of grapes... 
perhaps not a vineyard
compared with your average person
we have 
a WHOLE lotta grapes 
so what should we DO with all these grapes?
should we eat them
and practice our seed spitting?
make JAM
(I just learned HOW thanks to Mrs. B)
Buddy is allergic to Grapes..
so sad for Buddy
But.. the rest of us are not..
we LOVE grapes 
Should I take time to do a wee road trip...
and Visit My friend ED ?
Ed owns
it's located in St. Charles IL
it's a wee bit drive..
but my  C.S. needs some hours for drivers ed
so maybe a road trip is in order..
to visit ED and get his thoughts on these grapes
I have known Ed for about...
22 years
He and his family are GREAT people
I am sure he'd be the guy to chat with..
decisions decisions...