Friday, May 11, 2012

Yard Clean Up

Yard clean up is VERY different in Suburbia
when comparing to a farm
first of all
we have found our fast that Wally the Wheel barrel is best
at smaller jobs
for BIG jobs
we get Peggy
sure she leaks something every now and then
and YES
she has no radio
and ok ok
she won't go into 4 Wheel drive
defeating the purpose in purchasing her..
but those things MIGHT be fixed..
and till then.. 
we still work her 
because EVERYONE works here on the farm..
in some way or another
here's some of the Blessings ALL working together with Peggy the Pick up!
Lately we've been able to really show how C.S. shines in his many roles around the farm
we've even been able to show how much Princess blesses us
with all her learning
and her NEVER give up attitude! 
she is so in love with the farm
and with this wonderful community..
it's hard to EVER get her away from it!
Buddy has been a bit discouraged lately
as HE is too young to drive Peggy at a whopping 7 years old
and it feels SO unfair that on TOP of that injustice
we won't let him Ride Forrest the lawn tractor..
go figure!
But Buddy will NOT be left out of Yard Clean Up
after all, this is HIS farm too! 
so Buddy walked over to our Amish neighbors house..
and asked if perhaps
we he might borrow one of their lawn mowers
seeings as they have a bunch... 
they had NO problem in aiding Buddy in his plight
they actually enthusiastically wanted to help him
lending him not one BUT TWO
JUST in case one worked better than another

here is Little Man 
pretending his tricycle is a mower 
and Buddy is right there next to him
working super hard!
it is really challenging work! 
here Mama
one more stick to go into Peggy!

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