Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Littlest Room - part 4

The cracks
so many
some big
some little
some long
some short
some deep
some shallow
I had to figure OUT what to do about it...
FIRST I figured I would just put My tried and true DAB Spackle stuff on..
it goes on pink but dries white..
once I realized this was PLASTER
I had my doubts.. and expressed them to Cody our True Value Guy
yes WE are THAT cool
we HAVE a TRUE VALUE "Guy" .. do you?
any hoo..
HE went to school for this.. 
(yep, he DID! shocking I KNOW!)
some tech college,
 where he learned ALL sorts of uber handy things that will be helpful to me :)
and he agreed...
the pink stuff wouldn't cut it..
I had to use a different DAB product..
that said..
I went home and had to figure out HOW to get the product INTO the cracks
it's NOT like they are ALL in the easy spots
this was going to be VERY tricky...
and frankly..
(can I BE frank with you?)
I really didn't want to ask the men for counsel
I didn't FEEL like a committee meeting
I just wanted to GET to it
ever feel like that?
so I sat down in the room
and prayed...
I looked around me
and you know what came to me?
baking cookies
decorating cookies
and cakes
and I went downstairs and had some Amish Toffee
(it was the closest thing to sweets I had)
and then...
I went back up..
and tried to think
and it came to me!
I called for Princess, and asked for her to bring a Ziploc bag
I ran and got a scissor, and the Spackle thing 
I LOVE when prayer is answered like this..
this is SUCH a girl thing too
NO way Machine Man would have thought of this one!
I started thinking of all the cookie bakes I have had with friends
and with Princess

except THIS time
instead of YUMMY yummy icing
it was thick plaster repair stuff

wow.. would THIS idea REALLY work
was I the nut my beloved knew me to be?

squishing it in the bag 
here's to hoping

and to piping

there is my slit

now it's REALLY in that Crack

and getting it into the corners where the walls meet is NOT problem
Where EVER I could I just used my Spackle knife thing-E
everywhere else,
like these corners
I just wet my finger and wiped it in
like I was caulking a window or a tub

this went SO well
so quickly too!

what to you think?
insane brilliance or WHAT?
such a girl way to do it! 
LOVE that!

some spots were easy

It would seem that
I have underestimated just HOW many cracks I had
(I am cracked- giggling)
I will attack only the really icky cracks
and leave the pretty cracks alone
Machine Man does not really differentiate
but he says he is glad that I do
and that the room will have character
he likes rooms with character

note to self
THIS is what I used
JUST in case those pretty,darling, dainty little cracks 
don't turn out to BE so pretty after I prime the walls 
like I "imagine", 
and I have to plaster, again,
needing to buy more of this wonder stuff..

pretty little cracks RIGHT?
They make me feel like I am back in France :)

Here are some shots of the views from the Littlest Room
I thought you might enjoy seeing!
sorry the picture is grainy
I shot this through the screen...

 another from the other window,
can you see that little fence line?
that is one of the fences with grapes growing on it! 
so exciting!

and another.. pretty right?
i love it!
directly below this room is a little patio
 a wee garden... 
We hope to clear some of the undergrowth to help the forest be healthier
& the flowers to flourish
oh yes
there are berries all over this area!
hmmm should be beautiful to wake up to!
sanding and priming!
prayers WELCOME!

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