Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another Assembly day!

Once again they are in that Huddled position..
talking quietly among themselves..
ya just KNOW it's a larger piece of furniture
when C.S. is involved..
Princess usually jumps at anything in her zone..
but she is elsewhere..
and C.S. is quite focused 
it's a bed!
yep a super fun day bed!
we are very excited about this..
because it is for the LL Guest Room
which is slowly coming together 
We wanted a bed that could be used as a couch
or pulled out and used for couples
particular couples
and friends of ours that are more
or less
not at an eager age to go up and down
old farmhouse stairs
in middle of the night
to use the ONE bath..
so it is for our more MATURE friends..
we are putting together THIS room! 
getting more of a day bed gives us a lot of options as to how to use
the room when it isn't being used for guests..
still looking for the pillows and comforter 
that I want this room to have
but for now.. 
I think it looks SUPER!
Thank you my love
and my lad!

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