Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a little bit... exhausting

we decided to go on another hunt one day
it was STILL hunting season
we thought it BEST to wear our hunter orange
This time we were thrilled that Opa felt up to joining us
it's a BIG piece o'land
and we were hoping that it wouldn't tire him out TOO much
we were hoping that Little Man would get VERY tired indeed 
we'd be driving back to suburbia
and having him NAP all the way back
would be FANTASTIC

Princess is LOVING the view,
and so am I !
any worries about this NOT being good grazing land
are OUT the window!
this is our neighbors land
we are looking at
on the OTHER side of that there fence
and it's pasturing animals beautifully!

LOOKS like he fell, RIGHT???
he's decided this looks like a super cozy spot to 
rest awhile
he's just
DONE for now
and would THANK us very much to 
hep peas
(Help Please)
CARRY him home
that's a LONG way Little Man
and just THINK of the good exercise 
be missing!

Papa will HOLD your hand
so you can't sit again
Papa will encourage you in ALL things!
YOU can do this!

even Opa can!
and no one was TOO tired
but young and old had a nice nap after
LOVE it!

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