Thursday, January 12, 2012

That wall... part 4 The changing of texture

It is snowing outside...
and as much as I just want to stay out of doors.. 
lunch needs to be made
I need to work on 
THAT wall
with C.S.
but while waiting for him to set up the saw
nail gun
I can't help but step onto the front porch 
to snap one photo of the beautiful view 
now we've taught our 15 year old lad the safety techniques to using most of our power tools
but I prefer to supervise my
in all such projects that require "POWER" tools
here he is cutting some of those sanded pallets
I rather like the look of the nails in the ends of the boards
so as long as they aren't split REAL badly
I prefer to leave them in 

measuring and cutting make this feel like we are creating our own jigsaw puzzle
out of recycled 
or up-cycled pallet boards!  
It is SO fun!
we make sure to level each row 

C.S. is getting very handy with the nail gun 

I like that he is taking time to notice details...
like edges that fray
will give splinters later,
details matter so much
and teaching THAT to our kids is one thing
but seeing them GET it,
and OWN it
and NOT need me to nag them to notice
is like a HUG from the Lord :)
and then the reminder that..
he's fallible
as I look at the wall.
because THAT is all the boards they cut
sanded and prepared for me..
silly boyz
nice beginning
now to finish and PAINT it all!
so far.. so good

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