Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Walking in a snowy wood...

I am a HUGE Robert Frost fan..
are you?
Princess is.. she adores him
and being here on the farm
brings so many of his poems to mind

isn't this darling.. some snowy cones hidden between two gorgeous pines..

oh SOME day to get a photo of a lovely snowflake..
i am NOT there yet :)
All these details are glorious discoveries

Standing under Tree Beard
here is Tree beards base.. 
I don't have a great shot of the WHOLE tree yet
Tree Beard is rather large

walking in the snowy woods..
thinking some hot tea will be wonderful later

Queen Anne's lace closed up for winter
and covered in a blanket of snow

so pretty!

Lovely Blessings Farm with a light dusting.. 
just wonderful

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