Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Passion to LEARN

There has been a LOT of talk in the news
and at my supper table 
of the cost of fuel
the cost of oil
the cost of...
and with ALL that chatter
one lad realized something..
he didn't KNOW anything about 
ALL of that
but he REALLY wanted to
he wants to grasp the things the men speak of
and not JUST be quiet
because of ignorance
and being I have been homeschooling 
for a VERY long time now...
and have, well a few books about..
and hunting around for something HE remembered seeing once
Buddy found THIS
packed it in his Zuca
and brought it up here for me to read to him...
pretty snazzy 6 year old
(almost 7)

I appreciate anyone's desire to learn
especially when it is derived out of a passion TO LEARN
to NOT be ignorant of the discussion and fake it anways
to NOT wait till a teacher "gets around" to teaching it
but to pursue it
with vigor
and passion
and take matters into one's own hands
it's lovely to see
in anyone
but especially satisfying to see in one's own children
here's to learning about 

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