Monday, January 23, 2012

flitting, flighty, flying friends!

So on our SAD excuse for a front porch
there is still and element of beauty
and it holds
birdhouses & bird feeders
it would seem Opa does too
he came back from the store with seed and some bell feeders too

with in hours our feather friends came to visit!
So many different kinds too!
but I only got pictures of a few

Snack time!
so darling

doesn't his look of expectation 
make you happy?

check out my dangle technique

feeling fine

anyone else coming?

back again!
our lovely Amish friends couldn't believe HOW many birds we've been having
and enjoyed seeing them all at a recent visit...
seems we've got a snazzy spot for the birds to HANG out.. 
LOVE it!
do you love to bird watch too??

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