Monday, January 23, 2012

The Range

I want to join Robin's Merry Band TOO
We have ranges at the farm
one for Archery
one is for guns
one is for bbguns
Little Man isn't allowed ANY where near them..
but he is really hoping to be one of the Merry Men too!

So C.S. is showing Little Man
HOW to shoot a bow 
pull back

release.. where did it go?

Here's BUDDY with his BIRTHDAY bow set!
He got a quiver too
That box is HIS target

off he goes to set up again..
or maybe to look for an arrow..

saying Hi to Opa and C.S. at the Rifle Range
They are sighting in their scopes

Buddy is & now
He's got a quiver
a bow 
some arrows
and orange to be safe
some day he'll be bringing me food to cook
JUST like Papa
Papa didn't get deer this year... 
but THAT's ok
Buddy STILL wants to be just like HIS Papa
isn't that wonderful!

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