Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Brothers Three

Ever play that game with a baby
it is VERY fun
sure to get a chuckle out of both baby and adult playing with them
it's darling to see them raise their hands SO high to the sky
one can NOT help but poke them in the belly
to see them giggle
We are parent who have VERY much enjoyed that game..
On four children
and many wonderful nieces and nephews
But looking at THIS photo
it gives me a whole different perspective

because C.S looks SO BIG
and I still play "SO BIG" with our darling Little Man
in fact
C.S. plays "SO BIG" with Little Man
it makes my heart warm 
how wonderful life is
that we can watch so many things grow...
fingers and toes

it's a joy to watch the love grow
between brothers
from SO in LOVE
as if one were SO bathing in the ocean at the beach
to SO deep
like the ocean's depths
I know this because of the relationship I see building between them
and between C.S & Buddy
I see it with Buddy and Little Man 

I see it
in the way they talk
the way they play
the way they giggle
the way they comfort
the way the teach
the way they learn
the way they listen
the way they fight
the way they resolve
the way the stand together
pray together
plan together
stand together
stick together
I love it
I love them
and am ever so FILLED with joy to see 
these brothers Three

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