Monday, January 16, 2012

a little treasure FOUND!

So... I have to tell you, with this precious garden and
ALL those glorious trails
we've been planning...

we have thought a lot 
and more thinking is likely to happen
but THUS far,
as far as WE can figure
there are three sorts of trails here at Blessings Farm
Prairie trails
Garden trails
Forest Trails
(FOREST does NOT = Forrest)
(Forest meaning oooodles of trees growing closely together
Forrest is our tractor)
so again...
Three sorts of trails..
for the Prairie trails we rather like THIS look
Just mowing/bushhogging a nice path
and perhaps leveling it off
it's nice to be wide enough we can drive on it 
Trails like THIS
we want to make mulch
we just have to get
a ginormous mulcher
so the wood can just decompose and we can add to it 
as we mulch
These also would be nice if we might level them, 
not only would it be nice to drive through the MAIN trail
but we LOVE to ride bikes,
and it would be a BLAST to ride these trails!
But then there is the garden area..
and for that I would like something different
perhaps some 
that could get pricey right?
At least THAT is the look I got from Machine Man
a LOOK a bit like this..
"did you REALLY just SAY that?
Did that actually COME out of your mouth?
YOU can't be thinking
I don't EVEN have words
so I am NOT saying anything"
because He might realize just HOW much that look SAYS
so I did
what I do
I grumbled a little
got NO where
figured it should be shelved
(note- not dropped, just shelved)
and I took it to the Lord in PRAYER

you know how I mentioned 
that when the Blessings & I went out walking
we could SEE more now that the grasses
were bowing under the weight of snow?
Do you recall how I saw the trail was actually wider
I confess
there's been some discoveries we've NOT been thrill to find
hidden in the tall grasses
(more to follow in a different post)
well HERE is one that made me LIGHT up with

is that BRICK
good quality
it sure is

looks like a huge box of brick to me :)
hidden and forgotten by time
JUST waiting
for my walkways to be made :)
(dancing a jig)
Isn't God AWESOME!? 
so it's not gold, silver or oil
but it's a treasure to me

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