Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tree question...

Princess took this BASIC class on 
"Tree identification"
at a local Nature Preserve..
it's helped..
a little
but I wonder if we don't need to take another class...
or get another book
or just ASK someone...
I am asking here
to start
We plan on continuing the hunt for answers
but IF you just happen to know 
it MIGHT be a whole lot 
Have you ever seen a tree like this?
Is it a crabapple?
It looks like it MIGHT be
but, it doesn't look like any I have ever seen
NOT that I am an expert on the many varieties of Crab Apple

Is it a Cherry?
I doubt it
but wouldn't THAT be yummy?
here is the best close up I could do
now mind,
this is a winter shot
this is a rotten piece of fruit..
but I am thrilled to see it because it means
fresh fruit later this year!
just wonder if it is fruit for US
or our birdie friends !

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