Thursday, January 12, 2012

busy happenings out of doors, Introducing Forrest and Peggy

lovely snow is falling!

and Opa is busy working on Forrest
have you met Forrest yet?
Forrest is what we have named our Tractor
(after Forrest Gump)
its a lawn tractor
with a SUPER cool blower attatchment!
We need new chains for it however..
and Opa is ON the job!

elsewhere on the property
I find Princess Sledding with Buddy
go go go!!!!

ah to hear the squeals of delight!

so fun
and no one fell OFF 

this is when I hear LOUD
sort of UGLY
rather angry IRRITATED sounds
coming from..
Machine Man
and WHAT do I see?

Peggy our Pick UP truck
sliding down 
it seems it's too slick to get BACK on the driveway
some thinking will happen
some strategy
after someone 
and has a break
then, he will figure it ALL out with his BRILLIANCE
and Peggy will be JUST fine 
on the drive 
are not disturbed in the 
isn't it wonderful?

so now you know who Forrest is
and Peggy too!

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