Thursday, January 19, 2012

just being family

WAIT for ME!!!!!!
aren't Toddlers just DARLING?

always a few steps behind,
but Little Man is fine with that today
he's got a song in his head 
and his singing something that sounds very
Winnie the Pooh Inspired
fee dl dee dee dum

The kids LOVE this spot in the woods they have found for me
and I loved this photo of them
on THEIR farm
I love just BEING family with them

come to think of it, 
in the past weeks
I have got some nice shots of the Blessings
C.S. my handsome eldest

Buddy's Birthday week..
my how he's grown

COULD Little man be MORE in his element?
he's just plopped down where a tree has fallen out, 
sat in the leaves 
and decided it was a good place for a break..
He ALWAYS makes sure we have a good break!
In a fun spot

and this.. is a classic Princess shot if EVER!
Love the Blessings
and my new camera!

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