Tuesday, January 10, 2012

hunting for details, searching for beautiful

just wandering about after lessons
Buddy found these tracks
C.S. said they are squirrel, chipmunk, and rabbit, 
(possibly snowshoe hare?)
We are seeing many birds too
but there really ISN'T all together THAT much snow...
just a dusting..
it SMELLS like snow
so perhaps more is on the way 
we wandered up the path a little ways, 
not because I want to go on a BIG hike
I want to just wander a bit, and look at details..

decide things for spring..
like I LOVE the trail
but now that the grasses are thinning out from the weight of the now
I can see that it was once a bit wider, 
and I rather would enjoy it wider
guess we'll be widening it

I am sad we have to tear this beautiful barn down
it is unsafe
we need one we can actually use..
isn't it enchanting?

The colors in winter are splended
this milkweed is simply gorgeous, I could photograph it all day

and this golden rod looks like lace in the winter

berries growing up the side of the barn..
sometimes we don't need to walk very far
to discover new things
sometimes we just need to slow down
and really SEE the blessings our God gives to us
Life is so beautiful

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