Friday, January 13, 2012

CRAZIES in the Kitchen

on the CRAZY SPOT  in my Kitchen?
Well this post is about the making SANE of a CRAZY situation!
(Buddy) Papa?
(Papa) Yah Buddy?
(Buddy) Does Mama know you did that to the wall she just painted? 
(Papa) umm I THINK so... 
(clears throat)
(Buddy) i sure HOPE so... 
as he screws in a piece of drywall on the other side..

do you remember what it LOOKED like?
all that electrical chaos?
see that crazyness 
on the far right of the tiled wall?
a whole lot of ..
yes that is a phone jack hooked up to NOTHING
a "pretend" phone jack

now it's 
NICE & Clean 
(i am breathing again... ahhhh)
He's put some of the electrical on the other side of the wall!
a nice outlet and the light switch!  
How did he EVER come up with this idea?
I was annoying him about the UGH...
and  HE and MR. J started bantering around different ideas and options,
only to 
come up with THIS idea!
those Brainstorming Brilliant Minds 
just LOVE THEM I tell ya!
do you remember Mr. J?
here he is holding a snake !
back to the post 
a quick spackle with help me when I finish tiling my kitchen wall!  
SO exciting! 
slow and steady...
but still...there is NOTHING wrong with slow and steady
According to Aesop
it's the tortoise that wins in the end! 
I know it LOOKS junky..
but after I sand and tile, 
now... to make smooth
the whole on the other wall!

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