Friday, January 13, 2012

Best Princess EVER

So this stage of working on the LITTLEST ROOM
is a real  
washing plaster walls is exhausting work!
and I am wiped out...
between scrubbing and lifting my arms way over my head after the sanding
I am 
and my lyme/babesia is FLARING up
I shall abandon my work to get UNDER covers
my temp is 95.9 
and I am shivering
I know what comes next
profuse sweating..
I hate babesia...
I hate when it just KICKS in like this
I happen to be UTTERLY blessed!
with wonderful Blessings
my family!
Princess is coming to the rescue!
she' volunteered to do some scrubbing
I get under my covers and rest
she even plopped my book down for me 
I have recently started The Three Musketeers
I LOVE Alexander Dumas !
He writes so wonderfully
it is a joy to read 
and read I shall
till sleep takes me
oh.. nap time anyone?

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