Monday, January 9, 2012

THAT wall.. part 2

WE began work on THAT wall.. you remember right?
it started out like THIS
and from THERE we progressed to THIS 
then I shared with you my groovy ideas 
and so.. the work begins!  
all part of the BIG kitchen remodel..
but it's own thing none the less
Machine Man sees this as a fun UN-necessary 
not really a PART of the big JOB
SO for this I have recruited C.S.
who is eager to work with me
and has a slight flair for anything of an architectural nature.
anything that adds dimension
and interest
hence I am disguising this "design" element
as perhaps..
more than it is..
what IS it?
something to please me!
to make the room more ..
a little country
a little city

so the lad laid out all the boards..
I presumed..
(error on my part)
that with all the STACKS of pallets we've collected
they actually DID tear them apart for me
THEY said it was all done and ready..
(they = C.S. & Machine Man)
I just NATURALLY figured
they were tracking with me on the project as well as YOU are 
(giggling.. how COULD I be so SILLY????)
this was ALL the boards they did.
that's it.. 
did they not read the post..
were they not harassed by me with COUNTLESS 
(yes i know.. you life of Fred folks.. i stand corrected.. countable)
Pinterest pictures of what I was envisioning...???
it is clear
they did NOT even pay ANY attention to me
(and THIS is a surprise to me.. WHY?)
ANY ways..

still ignorant, we got our Sandblaster thing

it is old
I don't even know where we got it from..
but it is a Craftsman

I reviewed with C.S. HOW to do the sanding..

in a VERY chilly garage
he had at it

seeing as he has a bit of asthma
and wishes to someday live someplace like..
he chose to open the door..
that's my boy!

and then.. the very PROUD lad 
showed me his boards..
(me)THEY are wonderful 
but.. is THAT all there is?
(C.S.) yeah.. why did you need more?
(me) shake my head..
yes dear ..
this will not cover the area...
let's go do some algebra with FRED!
and then work on communication skills
LISTENING TO the LADY of the house :)
silly boyz

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