Monday, January 9, 2012

learning to snowboard..

Let me tell you RIGHT now..
i do NOT snowboard..
I make hot chocolate & good coffee
I make wonderful hot homemade soups
and I take pictures of people I love
doing wonderful things
crazy things..
things like
snow boarding with 
a dusting of snow

down a driveway
into the barn?
look at C.S.

could there be anything as wonderful as a loving older brother
one that doesn't shame you
but one who builds you up
shows you the ropes
encourages you every step of the way
and helps you to succeed in life?

brotherhood is a glorious thing to witness
the care and counsel
the fights and the friendship
the playfulness and passion
for one another
to BE great and Godly men one day
I love watching C.S. teach Buddy
and witnessing how EAGER Buddy is to learn
how he enjoys and loves his BIG brother 
C.S. is SO confident Buddy WILL get it..
more confident than Buddy is..
not always as confident Buddy will EVER tie his shoes unaided..
where as Buddy is UTTERLY confident about that happening
just not ..
as I said..

showing again HOW it's done

and Buddy has GOT it!

VICTORY ! ! ! 
for not just
ONE boy, 
but two..
What a couple of Blessings!
do you have an older sibling
whose always watched out for you
encouraged you
lifted you when you were down?
if you do,
thank the Lord..
for that person
is truly a blessing from God!
snowboarding anyone?
I would SEEM that the Farm's drive way 
is FABULOUS for learning on!

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