Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pitter Patter on the Porch

Little Man
has indeed DISCOVERED the porch
and it is utter bliss 
to run and jump and thud upon it..

while ugly and in need of repair
it was deemed safe
(not by a MOM - but rather by the inspector)

I am a BIG fan of front porches
and we plan on doing a tear down to this one
and putting in something bigger
I love that Little Man enjoys POUNDING the floor
 as LOUD as he can
It must FEEL nice
it certainly is loud

it isn't easy to find plans, 
does one need an architect?
who builds big front porches anyways..?
so much to learn
and I am not the only one learning

Little Man is learning new things all the time!
and my little lad cares NOT one bit for my plans
he's thrilled with life on the farm 
JUST as it is
exploring new things EACH and every day

TA DAH !!!
(hmm we need to do something about this!)

He has looked down and decided 
NOT to proceed any farther
and we're off and running!

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